Weekly Workouts

Another Friday has come and gone. And as I type this on a Thursday afternoon, it’s hard to believe it’s my second to last Thursday before we leave for an entire year. It’s really quite crazy! It’s been a crazy week and I’ve been doing my best to stay relaxed, centered and not punch anyone in the face. In fact, trying not to punch people has become quite the inside joke with Sam and I the past couple weeks. We wouldn’t actually do it, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. ;)


Okay, okay so I digress…I’m just trying to lighten things up around here. That’s all. But I get it, it’s a Friday which means I’ve got some workouts to share!

weekly workouts

I took an extra rest day this week and it was needed. There were some awesome WODs on Wednesday and Thursday at CrossFit but I knew my body just needed a short run and rest, especially since Thursday was the 50 States burpee event!

Friday 10/17/14

5RM push jerk: 65#

AMRAP in 10:00

run 200m

10 thrusters (45#)

10 pullups (green band)

score: 3 + 10 thrusters

Saturday 10/18/14


Sunday 10/19/14

Lurong WOD – the X factor

15 Snatches (35#)

15 abmat situps

12 snatches

12 abmat situps

(down by 3 each round, until you hit 3, then climb back up to 15, and back down)

score: 133

Monday 10/20/14

5-3-1+ strict press: 60# (1)

for time:

9 rope progressions

then, 3 rounds:

10 shoulder to overhead (45#)

10 box jumps (20”)

10 overhead walking lunge (25#)

finish with, 9 rope progressions

time: 7:06

Tuesday 10/21/14

2RM back squat: 125# (PR!)

AMRAP in 10:00:

20 single under

15 push-ups (red band)

10 front squats (50#)

score: 6 + 15 push-ups

Wednesday 10/22/14

2.5 mile run

Thursday 10/23/14


*aside from burpees at event

How were your workouts this week?

Any fun plans for your weekend ahead?

I’ve got a Halloween party and LOTS of planning ahead of me!

5 workouts calls for 5 for Friday!

AdvoCare & CrossFit


A few weeks ago Becky sent me a cute little note with two AdvoCare bracelets inside. I signed up as a distributor a couple months back but quite honestly have been shy to start sharing it with people. Wearing the bracelets has provided an opportunity for people to ask ME about it and open the door to further discussions. She knows me so well… ;)

And sure enough, last week one of my chiropractors asked me about it and we got to talking. Then yesterday when we were changing our shoes after CrossFit he asked me what AdvoCare products I take so I said I take the O2Gold daily and the Spark and Catalyst on occasion. I happened to have a bottle of O2Gold on me so I threw it his way to check out. The first question he asks “does it work?” and I said “absolutely! I’ve been PRing everyday! I know I haven’t been doing CrossFit for that long but regardless I’m seeing great results! I went a few days without it when I ran out and that’s when I noticed it the most as I felt like it was harder to push through the WODs!”

But really, it got me thinking. Rich Froning is a 4-time Reebok CrossFit Games champion and an AdvoCare Endorser! I may not be trying to be the next Games winner, but I am trying to be the best athlete I can be; I’m trying to be a champion!


And because I know my fellow CrossFitters may be interested, I thought I’d share more about the AdvoCare products Rich Froning uses to help fuel his active lifestyle!


1 – AdvoCare Spark Energy – if you know anyone who uses AdvoCare, you know they love their Spark! I don’t drink it daily (I’m a coffee-lover til the end!) but it’s super tasty and definitely helps give me the energy boost I need sometimes! I’ve been mixing it up before a morning run or to get through the late afternoon slump when I have a full to-do list!


2 – AdvoCare Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink – helps maintain and restore energy supplies during and after physical activity.


3 – Arginine Extreme – provides excellent support for cardio workouts, helps enhance strength and stamina, nourishes a healthy respiratory system, and helps support nutrient delivery to muscles.


4 – Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink – Rehydrate helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity, includes amino acids to help feed your muscles and helps prevent cramping during and after exercise. I think I know a few people who need this… (coughstellacough). ;)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.05.36 PM

5 – O2Gold – You know I love this stuff! I take it everyday an hour before I leave for CrossFit. It helps facilitate the body’s use of oxygen, helps the body adapt to stress, and supports muscle building and recovery!

If you have questions or want to talk more about AdvoCare, please send me an email (kt.talkless.saymore AT gmail DOT com) 

Let’s work together to Be A Champion! 

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