Selfish vs. Self Care

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I was having a conversation with someone the other week, when I started talking about how some of the thoughts I had are probably fairly selfish. I enjoy my time alone. I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want. I don’t want to feel pressured or guilted into hanging out with someone. I like to go… Read more »

The Return of Plank-A-Day

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Do you remember when Plank-A-Day was a big thing? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well it was and I feel like it hasn’t been as much of a thing lately and I want to bring it back! I hope you’ll join me and if not, I’m about to convince you because planks are amazing! To begin with, did you know planks… Read more »

5 Ways To Take Your Health In Your Hands

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I feel like I do a pretty good job of promoting the belief that we have the power to change our lives and to take control of our health; it’s my mission for myself and something I feel very passionate about sharing with others. It’s because of that fact that I want to share with you all today five ways… Read more »

A World of Octobers

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First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your kind words on Thursday’s “Seeking Motivation” post. As we all know,sometimes life throws us curve balls and we have to find the best way to bounce back and last week that was exactly the case and I needed a few days to gather my thoughts and pick myself back… Read more »

Seeking Motivation

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Today I seek motivation. From all of you. Truth: I have so many words I want to say, post ideas scheduled out, but I can’t write them. Sometimes life throws us lemons and things get a little sour as we try to find the sugar to mix in to the lemonade. If that makes any sense. So if you have… Read more »

6 Vegetarian Pizzas You Need To Try NOW

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If celebrating COOKIE Month wasn’t enough, this week we are celebrating National Pizza & Vegetarian month! Don’t you love these crazy “holidays” that give us an excuse to throw a little celebration? If you ask me, I will take any excused to indulge in pizza and cookies, so this is my kind of month! To help with the celebration, I… Read more »

There Are Always Options

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A few months back I was listening to a podcast when I heard, “there are always options.” I’m not sure what the podcast was about or for, or even which one I was listening to, all I remember are those words. In fact, as soon as I heard them, I was drawn so strongly to them, I grabbed a sticky… Read more »