National Yoga Month: Tree Pose


I can’t believe we are already in the last week of National Yoga Month. This month has absolutely flown by for me, yoga poses excluded, but I have to admit that my practice has grown quite a bit in the last month. I’ve tried new classes, new poses, and really focused my practice on growth – in all ways. With… Read more »

Future Generations

Katie   September 26, 2016   17 Comments on Future Generations

While I didn’t mention it last week, I spent the last week in Seattle once again for work. (If you follow me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, then you got some sneak peaks…) I spent the first few days at the downtown office and the last few days off-site with the rest of my team doing some major brainstorming, strategizing,… Read more »

4 Go-To Greens Powders For Smoothies


It’s no secret that I start each morning with a smoothie; they are my absolute favorite and after a couple days without, I find myself craving those nutrient packed, protein filled, creamy delicious smoothies. With that said, I’ve spoken many times about various ingredients that go into my smoothies everyday, one being a greens powder. You could ask, why would… Read more »

National Yoga Month: Sleeping Pigeon


As a runner, it is not uncommon that my hips, glutes, and IT bands are always tight. Maybe not always always, but it often feels that way. With that said, one of my favorite love-to-hate poses that we do in yoga is half (or sleeping) pigeon. For half pigeon, your legs basically look like they are in a #7 with… Read more »

5 Must Have Items for Every Girl’s Gym Bag


This post was sponsored by Playtex® Sport® as part of an Influencer Activation for Blog Meets Brand. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support of this blog. Whether you are working out at a gym, going to a yoga studio, CrossFit box, or a little… Read more »

National Yoga Month: Triangle


I feel like I need to start by telling you all that today’s pose is hands down one of my favorite poses in yoga! I’m sure I’ve told this story before but back when I was living in LA and first got really into yoga, I joined a studio just down the street from where I was working. I got… Read more »

Setting The World On Fire

Katie   September 19, 2016   21 Comments on Setting The World On Fire

All signs pointing to 2017 being a REALLY good year! — Katie Arnold (@iamkatiearnold) September 15, 2016 I have to be honest for a moment. I posted that on my Facebook and Twitter last Thursday and it kind of exploded. Immediately I started getting texts and other various messages from friends and family asking me what’s going on…I get it,… Read more »