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Foodie For a Day // What I Ate Part 3

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I tried to turn today around and while it’s not ending horribly, I think it might just be one of those days.  And therefore, one of those nights I turn off my phone and read until I pass out. **EDIT** I almost forgot about my afternoon snack: a blood orange + mini cadburry eggs.  YUM! **And back to your regularly… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // What I Ate Part 2

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The morning took a not so fun turn, but I pushed past it. After pressing “publish” on this morning’s post, I went back downstairs to pour myself another cup of coffee only to find the pot empty, the machine off, and remnants of coffee  in my roommate’s dishes in the sink.  Let’s just say things got real and I don’t… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // What I Ate

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Happy Leap Day! I’m spending it relaxing and (hopefully) getting some things done around my apartment.  After yesterday’s A Day In the Life, I thought I’d take it a step further and show you what I eat today.  Everything that I eat today.  (Well, if I remember to take a photo of it.) I gave you an idea yesterday as… Read more »

A Day in the Life

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For whatever reason, people have a hard time wrapping their head around my day.  Particularly my mornings and how I’m able to wake up, get to the gym and get to work by 8am.  Because of this, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share what a day in the life is like for me… 4:15am – first alarm goes… Read more »

Music Monday

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I’m sure most people aren’t strangers to Foster the People or at least know their song, “Pumped Up Kicks.”  Well, I’ve been on a kick (pun not intended!) lately listening to them while at the gym during my strength training sessions.  They give me just enough energy to push through some of the harder sets. Well the last few times… Read more »

The Day the Doctor Ordered

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Sometimes it takes getting away to feel better, even without getting away.  Yesterday, all it took was a drive up PCH and a gorgeous hike through Malibu. It doesn’t look like this where I live: I mean, it does, but it requires the above mentioned drive to get me here.  And it’s worth every minute.  Someone please remind me that… Read more »

The guy…

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The guy who liked your friends. The guy who things ended peacefully and mutually and in reality was probably too good for you. The guy who you liked but he had a girlfriend; forget that. (x2) The guy who didn’t actually care; you were just convenient for the situation. The guy who loved you, but couldn’t tell you why it… Read more »