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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I couldn’t sleep last night early this morning which means right now I’m doing a few things:

-Drinking a cup of coffee + finishing off my homemade banana blueberry bread (can we forget I made it on Thursday and have pretty much been the only one to eat it?)

-Packing up a few more things in my room but trying to stay quiet so as to not wake up my roommate

-Playing spider attack (aka – killing spiders, but only the ones that threaten me; I let the others stay to kill away the gross other bugs roaming around my apartment.

-Sitting in my workout gear waiting for the gym to open (7am seems SO late when I’ve been awake since 4:30am…)

-Waiting for 9am to pickup the new roommate’s old roommate so we can switch Time Warner Cable to my name.  It’s silly that we have to walk in to a store to do that, but whatever.

-Staring at my to-do list and thanking myself for choosing to switch the same account and not cancel / re-start service so that I’d be without internet for a week.

But it’s moving day and while I’m not moving everything today (mostly because I just couldn’t get it all packed without losing my mind in time), I’ll be moving the big stuff and start living at the new place.  Keep your fingers crossed we find someone for my place ASAP!

I just typed up this whole post and then I realized “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” is a Jack Johnson song and then I couldn’t help myself. ;)

Happy Saturday!  Any big plans for your weekend?

P.S.  There was no exercise yesterday…which means no yoga.  I’m sorry… :(

Fitness Friday

While my ankle is on the mend, it was replaced with a cold that made exercise more difficult but that just means it’s another week where I listen to my body and it’s limits.  Doing that always makes me feel good so I can’t really complain.

I’m determined to do yoga this evening because I must stick with my commitment, otherwise it was a pretty simple week and I can’t wait to get back to the Live Fit program and conquer Phase 3.  I’m going to start it over since my ankle made it difficult, but I got enough of a taste of it’s challenge and can’t wait to figure out how to kick it’s butt while letting it kick mine.

How was your week?


My Commitment

I want less of my evenings spent like this:

And more spent like this:

I’m making a commitment to you that I’m going to do more yoga.  I’ve said it before, but this time it’s different.  Stress and anxiety aren’t welcome and I’m working to rid it from my life with whatever simple measures I can make.  I know stress is just a part of life and growing up, but if I can take steps to lessen its impact, why wouldn’t I?

Asthma is one thing I can’t help having but it’s something I work to control through diet, consistent exercise and (unfortunately) with added medication (though only when needed).  Also unfortunately, asthma is worsened by stress and anxiety.  And you can’t blame anyone on having an anxiety attack while having an asthma attack; I mean if you can’t breathe that’s pretty darn scary!  But if we can take simple steps to reduce our stress, then maybe we can reduce the likelihood of stress-induced asthma (or chest pains).

After an evening in the Emergency Room and 2 asthma (and anxiety) attacks, I’m committing myself back to yoga; at least 3 times / week; at least 20 minute sessions.  It doesn’t have to be anything difficult; it can be as easy or challenging as I see fit that night, but it’s going to happen.  It has to happen.  For my sanity and yours.  For my health.

And since we store stress in our hips, maybe we should all do some runners lunges before bed.  Feels good to me.

Do you do yoga? What’s your favorite pose?

Foodie for a Day // #SingleGirlDinner

There’s clearly a reason why I’m not a food blogger: I can’t wait to take pictures of my food before eating; I just start eating.  Unfortunately, that means that when I decide my food post is going to be “What I Ate,” you’re lucky if you get to actually see what I ate before I started eating.

Or before I finished eating it.


My usual toast with peanut butter + banana and a cup of coffee with warm almond milk.  I don’t think I could get sick of this breakfast.


The past two days I’ve been hosting an event for work that has had me outside the store and with lunch covered.  Monday’s salad was so good, I knew I was going to get it again on Tuesday.  It was a salmon salad with roasted asparagus in a balsamic vinaigrette.

We also decided to get the manager’s some cookies with their afternoon coffee but I ate that before a picture could be taken. ;)


I was hungry.  Clearly.  Before a picture could be taken, I ate a few handfuls of carrots with hummus + a salad with avocado and balsamic.  Meanwhile my frozen lasagna was defrosting in the microwave and was nearly gobbled up before I could snap a picture.

And because I was still feeling hungry, I followed up with a tiny bowl of cereal and an Adora chocolate disk dipped in peanut butter.

And if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this was named my #singlegirldinner …well, it’s no lie!