Fitness Friday // Live Fit Phase 2 – done!

Remember how last Friday I said I wanted to do yoga at least 2x/week?  Even a 20 minute Yoga Download session?  Why didn’t anyone remind me because apparently I forgot…If we’re lucky, I’ll do 20 minutes later this afternoon so this won’t be a complete fail.  If we’re lucky…

Other than that, I have successfully completed Phase 2 of the Live Fit program.  I’m definitely happy about the incorporation of more abdominal work and cardio, but some workouts take me 90+ minutes to complete which makes morning workouts impossible some days.  (If my gym wanted to open before 5 it’d be a different story.)  I’m noticing my strength improving but on some of the more challenging strength exercises, I’m getting frustrated as they don’t seem to get any easier.  I don’t know that I would actually expect them to but maybe kinda sorta…maybe.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what Phase 3 has in store as I challenged myself not to look ahead from my current phase at any point and I’ve stuck to that.  Phase 3 is the final phase so I’m really hoping to start seeing all the puzzle pieces come together.

I’ve also had a bit of an injury (?) this week.  My left ankle has felt a little sore so I’ve been taking it easier on the cardio and took an extra day off.  Because of that and feeling a bit better today, I did half of yesterday’s leg workout but I definitely wasn’t feeling 100% because my ankle did not enjoy my attempt at cardio or some of the strength moves.  I’m going to keep my eye on it for the next few days.

I’m off to walk to the bank so I can do laundry!

The Ups and Downs of Stay-Cation

I wish I could say my stay-cation continued with more fun adventures like Monday’s trip to Santa Barbara, but that wasn’t exactly the case.  In fact, it’s been a bit of an emotional challenge.  Time off from work means more free time.  More free time means more time to think.  More time to think often means trouble for this over-thinker.  Especially when I’m trying to figure out some important puzzle pieces.

Yesterday in-particular was a struggle and I had to force myself out of the house to see a friend I haven’t seen since college and returned home to watch episodes of Big Bang Theory and reading old magazines while lying in bed.  I ended out my own personal pity party with a full on anxiety attack that felt like someone was standing on my chest making it difficult to take even the smallest breath.  It was a joy.  But thankfully a half an hour later or so, I was back to Big Bang Theory and breathing normally until I fell asleep.  While that wasn’t the most fun evening, sometimes I think our bodies have to force us to relax, even if it means completely shutting us down.

And thankfully, I woke up this morning feeling much better and ready to tackle today’s first challenge:

Banana Oatmeal pancakes (from scratch!)

As soon as I hit publish, I’ll be making my way to the gym (you’ll get my Fitness Friday post later).

But despite some rough moments of my stay-cation, each day has still had it’s highlights…


-Skype date with Tracey in Spain – cheers!

-Attempting to make homemade granola bars that due to being to crumbly became the best homemade granola ever!


-Lunch with my friend Ollie in Huntington Beach


-Coffee with my friend Jean who I haven’t seen since college (or shortly after college)

-Baking blueberry banana muffins to enjoy all week

It’s the little things my friends, the little things.

What fun little things have made your week?