A Month In Photos

Last month I decided to participate in the FitMixer PhotoADayAugust challenge.  I didn’t participate everyday but I got in most of the month and before we got too far into September, I wanted to make sure to share these photos.  You’ve definitely seen some of them before but not them all!

I’m not sure my weekend has much in store other than a good amount of studying!

What are your weekend plans?

6 Thoughts on “A Month In Photos

  1. Oooh I want to organize my photos like that too from the photoaday challenge. I took a picture all but ONE day (missed “game face”)- and it paid off- I won! GOOD THING because I am too poor to buy any aminos (or um, anything) right now!

    • I’m too poor to buy anything too…as the weather gets colder it will be interesting as I don’t have any cold weather clothes from living in SoCal for 3 years! ha!

      And congrats on winning!!!

  2. You are too cute!! I wish we could do yoga together!

  3. I had so much fun doing that Fitmixer challenge! Would have been even better if it came with some free stuff, haha ;D And whatever that caramel-covered treat is?? I want one!

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