Fitness Friday // Oblique Sequence

Well Betty and I became official IL residents yesterday.  Betty for the first time; me for the second.  I did a slight review of the Rules of the Road Wednesday night and passed with 100% on my written test – phew!

And did you see my new header? 

The lovely Maren put it together for me and I absolutely love it!  She also designed some social media buttons (coming soon) and a TLSM ad for the Healthy Living Blogs website.  You’ll probably see a few additional changes to the overall look of the blog over the next few weeks, so please be patient if there’s any weirdness – I’m trying to work out the kinks (and my tech skills only go so far).

Anyway, as you all know, today is Friday – Fitness Friday!  I’ve had a great week of workouts mixed with active rest, which we’ll get to in a few.  First I wanted to share an abdominal sequence I put together for one of the What’s Beautiful challenges.  Who doesn’t want a strong core?

 Now onto this week’s workouts:

After being home for nearly two weeks, it feels good to finally be getting into a fitness routine and feel like I’m finally starting to get into a groove.

How was your week of workouts?  Any new exercises you’ve been enjoying?

10 Thoughts on “Fitness Friday // Oblique Sequence

  1. My week of workouts was actually pretty good! I have been doing more yoga! :) I love that oblique move!

  2. I popped over last night and noticed your new header! Looks GREAT girlie! And nice week of workouts! I’ve still YET to get back into yoga like I keep saying I will, but I’ve been mixing it up this week with a good amount of cardio and weights! I bench pressed with two 25lb dumbbells last night for the FIRST time! I may or may not have looked around to see if anyone saw me and my badass-ness…they didn’t! ;)

  3. The header looks fantastic!!

    Great week of workouts too. Planks are the best. :)

  4. NEXT WEEK I will remember that you’re doing this. I will also start tracking my workouts again as of next week anyway. :)

    Also, I like how the new header brightens up your space. Your old header was dark, and this reflects your bright personality better.

    • That was exactly one of the goals of the new header! Now if only I can figure out how to make the black nav bar a different color…or find a more fitting theme…or make someone make me one…lol

  5. Welcome back to the I-L! It’s a great time of year to be in Chicago!

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