Music Monday // Power Songs

Yesterday marked the completion of my 10k training plan.  Well, without the race that is.

I planned to run outside but when the weather was slated for 50%+ chance of rain when I woke up, I knew I’d be better to skip the risk and run inside.  It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want to get my new Nike’s wet… ;)

 So while I was busting out my run (yes, busting!), I was listening to my “running” playlist on my iPod Nano.  I originally planned to use the app, but when I got to the gym I realized I left my arm band at home. (#fail) Aside from my 5k race a few weekends ago, I haven’t been listening to the Running Playlist because it was starting to get old and lose it’s power.  Well, consider it’s powers returned!

While I was running and loving how these songs were keeping me motivated, focused and distracted from the lack of scenery, I got to thinking how it’s about time I add some new songs; maybe some new power songs.

Have any of you used the Nike+ app?  Or really any of the Nike running apps? One of the features is to add “power songs” so when you’re feeling low energy or nearing your goal, you can play a power song and push through.  Simple idea in theory but really quite effective. (It’s possible other running apps have this feature but since I haven’t used them, I don’t know.)

So I thought it would be fun to share a few of my current power songs:

“Princess of China” – Coldplay & Rihanna

“Everybody Talks” – Neon Trees

“Midnight City” – M83

“I Will Wait” – Mumford & Sons

Now it’s your turn:

What songs are powering you through your runs or tough workouts?

6 Thoughts on “Music Monday // Power Songs

  1. I hear ya — sometimes power songs lose their mojo. I need an update on my music library anyway.

    I did a post a while back. Here are mine:

    Happy monday!

  2. Is it weird that I don’t listen to music while I run?? Blend 2013??

    • No, some people don’t like it or need it. I on the other hand, pretty much NEED it to help me zone out and keep from getting bored at times.

      AND YES BLEND 2013!!!!!

  3. Mumford & Sons makes for an awesome power song! I also love Spiderbait’s version of Black Betty.

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