Music Monday // This Girl Is On Fire!

It was a day of Christmas movies.  Well, kind of.  I spent the morning at work, but after lunch we had my grandparents over and spent the afternoon watching All I Want For Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve seen this movie since I was a little kid.

And as I type this post, I’m starting to watch Miracle on 34th Street.  I love the holiday season.

While I’m sure many of you may think I’m crazy, I have to admit I love that American Express commercial with the guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him for being “boring.”  You know the one with Alicia Keys? Call me crazy, but I love it and I love the song.

Some of the lyrics may be a bit cheesy but try running to this song and not feeling inspired and powered to keep moving on.  Because you know what?  This girl is fiiiiire!


I’m generally not a fan of a lot of the “popular” music but I do love this song and assure you it’s been added to my running playlist.  Because you know what?  This girl is fiiiiire!

What songs do you enjoy that maybe surprise you?

What are some of your favorite power songs?