I’m going to be a tease today.



Well for one because I can. Two because Tuesday’s are stupidly long days at work and the idea of pulling together the originally planned post sounds like too much work. (That and I forgot to take pictures of my back-up plan). ;)


So what am I teasing you with?  This photo.


What is it?

Homemade veggie burgers (on top a salad).


Spoiler alert.

They contain coconut.



You’ll have to wait.


Bahaha! ;)

6 thoughts on “Teaser.

  1. That burger looks delicious. I love making veggie burgers from scratch, because I can control how big they are! One thing I hate about some restaurant veggie burgers is that they are (sometimes) clearly just frozen patties, and are as thin as a pancake. I like a big fat veggie burger! And if there’s avocado on top, even better. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Veggie burgers at restaurants are SO hit or miss because of that fact! This was my first time (successfully) making them and I’m really happy. They’re SO good!

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