Hi, I’m Katie! Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet!


I started this blog back in January 2011 as a way to share my journey through life and personal self-discovery. When I started, I couldn’t even imagine the moments that were to come – some wonderful, some challenging, and some extremely life-changing. Each have brought me to where I am today; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I went to school and worked in the music industry for many years and love sharing some of my favorite musical finds! I’m also full of crazy ideas and spent 9 months on the road, traveling the country in an RV, raising money for charity by visiting CrossFit gyms (50StatesInAYear.com).

While I grew up in Illinois and have lived all over the country (Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles), I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I am a Social Media Marketing Coordinator for a company that helps fund non-profits.

Music and work aside, my other big passion in life is healthy-living and fitness! I’m a runner, CrossFitter and yogi. I’m all about fueling your body with clean, real foods. And coffee, ALWAYS coffee! 😉

Above all else, I’m happy to have you here and joining me on this crazy journey through life! I love email and social media so I hope you’ll reach out, follow along and chat it up with me!



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22 thoughts on “Katie

    1. admin

      Thanks for stopping by!! And my about page is a bit out-dated…thanks for the reminder to update it. 😉

  1. mksinnott85

    Hi Katie! I’m a just beginner blogger but have been a writer and fitness freak for as long as I can remember. You have some great stuff here. Love your musings! xx Marykate 🙂

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