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Weekly Workout Wednesday #11

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Last week was B-U-S-Y busy!! It was one of those weeks that I didn’t realize how busy it was going to be or even how exhausted I was becoming until Saturday rolled around and I’m standing at my other job feeling the tears well up in my eyes and like any moment they could break through. My anxiety kicked itself… Read more »

18 Books Read in 2018 Worth Reading in 2019

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One of the goals I set at the start of the year was to read 52 books. It’s still debatable if I’ll hit my goal but I’m working hard to reach it. It’s not uncommon for me to be asked what I’m reading, what I recommend reading, and what was just an “okay” read so I thought it would be… Read more »

Weekly Workout Wednesday #10

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We all know the holiday season is going to be busy, yet why does it always catch us off guard? Or is that just me? Ha! I went home to visit my parents and some friends last weekend and I knew there were a few things on the agenda for this week but next thing I know, my week is… Read more »

December 2018 Goals

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I feel like every month I start by saying that I can’t believe it’s a new month, but of course, that’s how it feels again. The holidays are here and in full swing. We’re working on getting gifts for everyone on our list, coming up with goals for the new year, and trying to get everything wrapped up with the… Read more »

Gratitude A to Z

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It’s not uncommon to hear the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and honestly, I’ve been gratitude journaling nearly every day for the last couple of years. I feel it’s power and I definitely feel those moments when I fall out of the habit. Each night before I go to bed, I break out my journal and write out… Read more »

Weekly Workout Wednesday #9

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I mentioned last week that this week’s workouts would probably look pretty similar to last…and they probably do. ha! But I will say that I’m enjoying following the LG Fitmas challenge and this week I’m adding in some additional training. I’m working towards increasing my running mileage again and hoping to bring more races back into my life for 2019…. Read more »

The Fitness Gift Guide

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The holidays are officially in full swing and despite a long weekend away from my full-time job, I still spent the weekend working at my second job so things didn’t really slow down for me. But that’s okay. Seeing people come into the store shopping for their loved ones or scoping things out for themselves to go tell their loved… Read more »