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On Sunday I thought it was Monday; on Monday I thought it was Tuesday, but now it’s actually Tuesday and tomorrow is a big day.  Tomorrow I’m only a few days short of my 3 year anniversary of living in LA.  Tomorrow I also walk away from the last three years and make the move towards the next step in… Read more »

Music Monday // Whiskey & Frosting

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I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before but I love Spotify.  Not just in the way that I have all of my favorite music at my fingertips, but because I have new music, music I have yet to find at my finger tips.  And all I have to do is find it.  Sometimes that’s harder than you’d expect… Read more »

Summer Bucket List – Completed!

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You may remember at the beginning of the summer, I set out to complete a Summer Bucket List.  Nothing too crazy, just a few fun things I wanted to do to enjoy my summer. I’m happy to say, my list now looks like this. I made a few adjustments along the way to suit my life, my body and budget,… Read more »

Protein Muffin Crazy!

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It’s true – I’ve gone protein muffin crazy over here!  It’s a good thing I’m moving next week and had to pack up all of my baking stuff… It’s in there somewhere. But lucky for you (and my belly), I got in one more recipe before everything went in boxes.  Just ask my roommate, these things are good!  Chocolate Pumpkin… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Link-Up Party!

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I’m not quite sure you’re ready for this! This has been a long time coming and was requested a long time ago…months at this point.  Sorry about that people.  But now I’ve got it and I couldn’t be more excited – I hope you are too! Theres a few funny things about fitness… -We stay accountable when we write down… Read more »

Exercise is the Key to Thriving Today!

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I have a fun post for you guys today.  The other day Jim Rollince from Gym Source, the largest distributor of home gym equipment, reached out asking if he could write something up for you guys.  But not just anything, he wanted to write about something that’s very close to my own heart: the physical, mental and emotional benefits of… Read more »

WIAW / Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins

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I’ve been baking again.  It’s part of that whole use all (or most of) the food in the pantry before you move thing.  And thankful for me, it’s been leading to some pretty yummy snacks.  This week I made chocolate banana protein muffins.  Holy yum! But before we get to the recipe, I want to share what I’ve been eating… Read more »