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East Coast Revival // Beantown!

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I guess it’s about time I filled you in on my trip.  I mean, I’ve only been back for a week. 😉 Amy and I were taking a red eye from LAX to Boston.  We knew we wouldn’t get the greatest sleep but we definitely didn’t expect the loud snoring man at the end of our row to keep us… Read more »

Whole Lotta Love

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That was the theme of the evening and the love was just radiating throughout the entire room. They said “I do.” They looked amazing. And they took an already amazing relationship to a whole new place by beginning the next chapter of their lives together. It was a beautiful ceremony, reception and all around evening. They are happy and in… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I think I’m coming down with a cold. Scratch that. I’m denying that I think I’m coming down with a cold. I guess I needed to up my immunity a bit better while I was traveling. I’m doing my best to get enough sleep and Vitamin C before it can turn into anything too crazy. Fingers crossed. It’s nice to… Read more »

Where We Stayed – The Lenox Hotel

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I may have lived in Boston in college but over the years, most of my friends have moved on to their next adventure and left the city – as I have too.  What this means when I go back is that I must find a place to stay, as opposed to couch or floor crashing.  So after hearing nothing but… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // Vacay Eats

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While I do plan to get to the awesome fun and adventures of my trip to Boston and New York City, I think it’s also super important to talk about the food.  Yes, I said it.  Besides, who isn’t looking for delicious places to eat? Boston Breakfast of french toast and scrambled eggs at The Pour House. I wasn’t big… Read more »

Things I’m Loving Lately

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My walks to and from the gym, instead of driving when possible.  10 minutes there, 10 minutes back.  The perfect warm – up and cool down. FitMixer Amino.  I mean seriously people.  This stuff has changed my life and my workouts. (The FitMixer button on the right will take you to their store if you want to learn more about… Read more »

Fitness Friday / Vacation Edition

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One of the hardest things about trips is eating healthy and staying active. Some trips make that easier than others but vacations are usually some of the hardest. No one wants to restrict themselves of some delectables in the city they are visiting. I won’t turn down a few bites of chocolate cake and ice cream at Serendipity – where’s… Read more »