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Cultivate Self-Love Meditation – TriYoga with Katie

I have a beautiful meditation for you all today, a meditation for cultivating self-love. I know self-love can often feel a little gimmicky or over-used, but I truly believe it’s made its way into common vocabulary because it’s truly so important. Self-love helps us develop that confidence to show up in our lives, it helps us to stand taller in… Read more »

Introducing: The Healing Heart Method

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I’ve been hinting for a while around here (and on my social media) that I’ve been working on some exciting things behind the scenes. I love teaching yoga and meditation, but after hiring an amazing coach, I’ve been reminded that if I’m talking to everyone, then I’m essentially talking to no one. And it’s time to change that. But let’s… Read more »

Tadasana Pose Breakdown – TriYoga with Katie

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Happy Friday, friends! I’m excited to share that while I’ve been keeping a bit quieter around these parts, it’s because there’s a lot of really exciting things in the works behind the scenes and I hope to share more with you very, very soon! Meanwhile, today it’s time to breakdown another pose commonly seen in our yoga practice: Tadasana, also… Read more »

Hip Opening Slow Flow – TriYoga with Katie

I have to be totally honest, maybe it’s the Marathon Training going on right now, but I am loving slowing my practice down lately. While I love a heated vinyasa class, there’s nothing like a good hip opening slow flow to help my body recover from all of the running that’s been happening lately. Getting into the hips, an area… Read more »

Yoga Flow for Ahimsa – TriYoga with Katie

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Today’s practice is a yoga flow for ahimsa. Ahimsa is one of the yamas or ethical practices of yoga. While it translates to the idea of non-violence or non-harming, I often think of it more in the way of kindness.  Running our thoughts and actions through a filter and stopping to ask ourselves if our words, actions, and intentions are… Read more »

Meditation for Intuition – TriYoga with Katie

Albert Einstein once said, “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” Our intuition is a strong tool that we always have with us, but the question we have to ask ourselves is if we’re listening? Today’s meditation for intuition is all about building up that spot within ourselves,… Read more »

A Return to Bouldering & Weekly Workouts #35

Happy (almost) 4th of July and a (belated) Canada Day! (Or Happy Wednesday to my friends in other parts of the word). I’m not really doing anything to celebrate this week, aside from enjoying the day entirely off from work. I don’t have to teach yoga, work my full-time job, or my part-time job. I’m hoping the weather clears from… Read more »