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Music Monday // Other Lives

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I think I’m losing my memory.  It’s rather sad actually but I’m doing all I can to preserve it and preserve the memories.  Memories like yesterday morning’s walk to the Mar Vista Farmer’s market and back.  Memories that are so simple yet perfectly what you need to start you Sunday morning.  My memory can’t let those moments fade away. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Sunday Spotlight: Headbands of Hope

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There’s something really amazing about girls nights.  It’s the simple moments like this that I’ll probably miss most.  Because who doesn’t love a bottle of wine, chocolate covered strawberries and girly movies with one of your best friends? Like I said, it’s moments like this I’ll miss most. But before we get all sad and teary – stop and pour… Read more »

What would you choose?

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I had a plan for today’s post and then as I was sitting on my couch trying to stay awake and trying not to allow this move to completely stress out every ounce of myself, I decided to change directions – to something fun! So here you have it, a little this or that health and fitness style. 1. Run/workout in… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Sleep Deprivation

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Let me start by saying thank you ALL for your support yesterday!  I’m definitely very nervous and anxious about my future, but ultimately I know this is the right decision for right now and I’m very excited about what it will bring.  I’ve had crazy support from my friends, coworkers, you guys and of course my family.  It’s really very… Read more »

A Slice of Humble Pie

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(I promise the recipe for that pie IS below!)  But first…. Step 1: The first thing you do is check your ego at the front door.  You realize it doesn’t make you a “failure” or any less of a person.  And when you consider it an option for every and any other person you know without judging them, then why… Read more »

WIAW / The Peanut Butter Takeover

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Have I mentioned that I put peanut butter on everything?  Or at least pretty darn close to it!  But do you honestly blame me? Peanut butter is the most delicious thing in the world!  And if you disagree, I’m going to assume it’s because you’re allergic.  And for that, I’m sorry.  I won’t tell you what you’re missing but I… Read more »

Favorite Health Apps

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I’ve spent the last few days constantly reminding myself that I’m off today and not Wednesday, which is often my day off. It’s not usually this hard when my schedule changes but this week I keep forgetting and have to remind myself why. But there’s a very good reason for this – we’re celebrating a birthday! Deepika’s birthday to be… Read more »