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What I Ate Wednesday

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First of all, can we believe it’s AUGUST already?  July seemed to speed by and I’ll be honest, I’m hoping August does the same.  I’m ready for September… I tried to step outside the box this week.  I tried to try something new.  Or at least kind of new.  Or in a new way.  It was kind of fun.  Who… Read more »

When Fear Gets in the Way

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I’m going to get kind of serious here today but I hope it’s in a way that brings about motivation and change for each of you, as well as me.  Because I know that sometimes I need a good old kick in the butt. I have that quote as a magnet on my fridge to serve as a daily reminder… Read more »

Music Monday

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I always love hearing new music.  I love people telling me about new music.  And I love sharing new music.  That’s the whole reason I came up with Music Mondays – so we can all join in on the fun of new (even new to us) music! I was excited when I heard “Sleep Alone” by Two Door Cinema Club… Read more »

Sunday Spotlight: Della

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Well I crossed another thing off my summer bucket list yesterday as I went hiking with some pretty cool ladies.  It was a pretty easy hike but a hike none the less and the beautifully warm weather allowed me to sweat a bit and feel like I got in a workout. Anyway, what I really want to talk about today… Read more »


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I didn’t feel like doing anything last night. I didn’t feel like being social (mostly because I couldn’t spend money). I didn’t feel like writing. And I definitely didn’t feel like dealing with my never ending to-do list. What I did feel like doing was eating peanut butter Cheerios and watching How I Met Your Mother. So that’s what I… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I feel the need to celebrate – yoga is making a pretty big comeback in my life. This is very good news. I swear even 20 minutes can make all the difference in the world – both mentally and physically. In fact, one way I’ve allowed it to make a comeback is by starting a new nightly routine: yoga and… Read more »

Summer Bucket List Check-in

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First and foremost, I must share this video that popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday:   I swear, I freaking LOVE Nike.  Not just their products but everything they stand for.  Way to be a form of motivation and inspiration to be our best and strive for more everyday. Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to check in… Read more »