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Fitness Friday 48

Katie   November 27, 2015   4 Comments on Fitness Friday 48
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I hope everything had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was rather low key – slow morning, 3 mile treadmill run, shower, call with the parents, and dinner at the house of one of the boy’s coworkers and her family. They were all super welcoming and in a house full of Longeberger baskets, it felt like home. (My mom will especially enjoy… Read more »

Fitness Friday #47

Katie   November 20, 2015   4 Comments on Fitness Friday #47
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HAPPY FRIYAY! One week into living in a new city. One week into a new job. One week into this new chapter of my life. I’m still processing and finding my groove. I’m still figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m still figuring out how to do all of the things I want and need to do…. Read more »

Fitness Friday 46

Katie   November 13, 2015   8 Comments on Fitness Friday 46
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My workouts this week? That’s tough.  I made a plan but then it changed. That’s how it usually goes, right? This is all for a good reason, of course. The move. And while a part of me was really looking forward to sneaking a few workouts at the gym while I still could and was back and forth between Michigan… Read more »

Fitness Friday #45 – Things Are Getting A Little Cryptic

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It’s been such a crazy week and my mind is spinning out of control! I hope to have some news to share in the next week or so, but with so many details up in the air, I’m not quite ready yet…but getting there. It’s coming…just so you know. 😉 Is that cryptic enough for you? Anyway, if you follow… Read more »

Fitness Friday #44

Katie   October 30, 2015   No Comments on Fitness Friday #44
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Would it be frowned upon to ask you to read Wednesday’s post if you haven’t yet? Please read! Would it be okay if I ask you to share share SHARE it? Please share! I know it’s Friday and we’re all gearing up for the weekend. I know we have our minds elsewhere and we’re thinking about the final things we… Read more »