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Fitness Friday #35

While I don’t usually pick a theme for my Fitness Friday posts, this week I had a re-occurring message pop up:

listen to yourbody

Yes, listen to your body.

For the past few weeks I’ve had a really hard time motivating myself to workout at home. Since deciding to follow a 10k training plan to focus on my running again and give myself a plan to follow, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my motivation.

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I haven’t made a return to CrossFit (yet) as I do want to wait until there is some kind of consistent income coming in that makes me feel better about adding that expense but I did get a chance earlier this week to try a new class offered at my box (for free) called SweatFest. Let’s just say, it kicked my booty! I’ve been feeling the after effects all week long and loving it, but at the same time, it has required me to really tune in with my body and choose the rest of my workouts or scale those workouts accordingly.

Friday 8/21


Saturday 8/22

CU24 – Melt 1

30 min walk


Sunday 8/23

3 ½ mile run

Monday 8/24

Sweat Fest Partner WOD

100 Box Jumps / Ring Plank

200m run

100 Wall Balls / Wall Sit

200m run

100 Jumping Lunges / Plank

200m run

100 Kettlebell Swings / Wall Sit

50 Medball Sit-ups

time: 20:33

Tuesday 8/25

2 ½ mile run


Wednesday 8/26


Thursday 8/27


Air Squats



1.5 mile run

I’m happy with how my workouts have been and starting to feel like I’m really getting back into my groove, regardless of the craziness life has thrown my way since getting back.

Now, next week we’re starting something new with Fitness Friday so make sure you’re ready with your Fitness Friday posts! 😉

How were your workouts last week?

How did you listen to your body this week with your workouts?

Fitness Friday #34

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I must admit, I’ve been a bit unmotivated in my workouts this past week. Once the decision was made to pull the end of 50 States, I was looking forward to spending my days at the gym, returning to consistent CrossFit training and feeling like I was getting back to where I was before we left. Problem is, I don’t feel comfortable making that financial move before I have any income, even though the income then means a busier schedule. For now, I’ve decided to hold off on my return and continue with the at-home workouts and running around my neighborhood.


On a positive note, while my runs aren’t feeling all that great, they are getting easier and I’m really enjoying running consistently again. Because of this, I’ve decided to follow a 10k training program and it’s giving my workouts a sense of purpose again.

Before we get onto my workouts (or lack thereof) this past week, there’s some big things coming to Fitness Friday in the coming weeks – get excited!!


Friday 8/14


Saturday 8/15


Sunday 8/16

2 mile run

Monday 8/17


Tuesday 8/18

3.25 mile run

Wednesday 8/19


Thursday 8/20

2 mile run

How were your workouts this past week?

How do you re-inspire your workouts when you’re feeling unmotivated?