That Week I Need Extra Rest

Wednesday night I made my way into the city for a work event, grabbing dinner with a friend and then making our way over to a party for an artist who just finished up their campaign through Pledge. When I met him a few weeks ago, he was so excited to find out there’s a local Chicago rep and asked me to come out, so of course I did!



It was a fun evening but by the time I got home it was after midnight and since I’d been up since 4am for CrossFit, I was exhausted. I set my alarm for a bit later Thursday morning and let myself get a little extra sleep. I was finally able to pull myself out of bed at 8, threw on some clothes, did my makeup and made my way to the coffee shop for a few hours of work. My body was feeling tired and I knew I needed to at least skip my pre-planned morning run. Part of me was thinking I would do it later so I threw some socks and gym shoes in a bag that I could stash in my car.


As the morning progressed, I realized what I really needed was extra rest. My legs were feeling tired but even more so, my mind was exhausted. I had the inner battle of knowing how much a workout can help my mood, but also knew this was just one of those days when I needed to skip it altogether and if anything, go for an afternoon walk in the gorgeous weather.

More photos from the Reindeer Games!

More photos from the Reindeer Games!

Some weeks I’m still finding that balance of marathon training, CrossFit and rest…this is one of those weeks when balance means taking that extra rest day. I’m proud of myself for knowing that I need it, listening and taking it.

Here’s what the rest of the week looked like:

Friday 7/18

reindeer 5

2x800m with 3 mins rest – 9:20 mile


Saturday 7/19



Sunday 7/20

9.15 mile run


Monday 7/21

Strength – Front squat: 5-3-1+ :  75# (10)

wod 0721


Tuesday 7/22

Strength – Push press: 3-3-3+ : 70# (3)


10x200m (w/ 2 mins rest)

25 mins yoga – gentle Hatha 2


Wednesday 7/23


Every :30 for 4:00

2 Power Cleans – 55#



Thursday 7/24



How are you at taking an extra rest day when you need it?

Christmas in July @ CrossFit AMRAP

This is a CrossFit heavy week for me. My box is having our own in-house competition that’s called the Reindeer Games – Christmas in July. It wasn’t my plan to come everyday but apparently my inner athlete and inner competitor is coming out this week and there’s no backing down.


To make it better (or worse?) after 3 days of competition, I was sitting tied for second in my age group for the scaled division. My running might be lacking a bit this week, but we’re getting some sprints in during a few of the workouts so I’m not going entirely cold turkey. Besides, every run counts, right? ;)


So how have I kicked my butt this week? Let’s see….

Friday 7/11


friday wod


Saturday 7/12



Sunday 7/13

11 mile run


Monday 7/14

Reindeer Games 1

Tuesday 7/15

reindeer games 2

Wednesday 7/16

reindeer games 3

Thursday 7/16

reindeer games 4

8 x 200m run (w/ 2 mins rest) – 7:49 mile (!!)


I’m nervous and excited to see how today’s WOD goes and where I stand when it’s all said and done. Regardless though, I’m SO proud of how I’ve done!


How were your workouts this week?

*WOD photos were taken by a friend/fellow AMRAP athlete, Nicole! Thanks, girl!*

Hoping for a Running Comeback

The irony of last week’s post about my success in balancing CrossFit and running was that come Sunday, I had nothing left to give my run. This was probably part due to my attempt at a workout Saturday when despite my body feeling pretty good, it really probably needed rest after “Murph” on Friday. I had hopes of an 11 mile run but I told myself 6-8 would still be acceptable, but I just didn’t have it in me. Mentally I was struggling and while I really needed the therapy aspect of the run, I didn’t get it. I set out for a short run Tuesday morning, within steps I knew that wasn’t happening. I got two miles in Wednesday morning and while not easy, I pushed through. And despite waking up Thursday morning not sure I was going to be able to run, I drove myself to the gym and pushed out 6 miles on the track. Woohoo!


We do what we can and we have to listen to our bodies…whether that means an extra rest day, stretching, or stopping a workout early because we mentally or physically are at the point of exhaustion. I know with marathon training, I run the risk of over-training and I want to make sure I’m giving my body and mind what it needs to avoid hitting that point.

Friday 7/4
4 mile run
Murph: 1 mile / 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats / 1 mile : 45:45

Saturday 7/5
2 round WOD: 50 cal row/40 sit-ups/30 supermans
50×5: 50 side bends right (&left)/50 side ups (right & left)/50 vtwists

Sunday 7/6
5.25 mile run

Monday 7/7
Strength: Every :30 for 6:00
1 power clean + push jerk #50
WOD, AMrAP in 10:00: 10, 9, 8….1,2,3…
Hang Power Clean (45#)
Burpee Box Jumps (20”)
reps: 81 (I think, I lost count…)

Tuesday 7/8
Strength: front squat 3-3-3+ : 85# (3) 
WOD for time: 11:24 (34# & green+red band)
Run 200m
2 rounds of:
5 overhead squats
10 pull-ups
Run 300m
2 rounds of:
5 overhead squats
10 pull-ups
Run 400m
2 rounds of:
5 overhead squats
10 pull-ups

Wednesday 7/9
Strength: push press – 3-3-3-3 *3RM (60#)
WOD for time: 100m sled push / 25 ring dips (w/ green band) / 50 sit-ups / 100 single unders / 50 sit ups / 25 ring dips / 100 m sled push – 11:37
2.1 mile run

Thursday 7/10
6 mile run

The training plan calls for 12 miles on Sunday but i’m going to listen to my body and if needed, will adjust. After all, it’s all about balance, remember?


How was your training this week?

How do you avoid over-training when training for a big event?

Flexibility with Marathon Training

First of all, Happy 4th of July! Who’s got fun plans this weekend?


I’m hoping for a nice weekend filled with a good combination of fun and relaxation. Can you ask for anything more?


Anyway, I’m in the heat of marathon training… I’m only a few weeks in but I’m definitely still in the thick of it, there’s no question. I’m already finding the dedication and early nights that are necessary to get in those long runs before the summer heat and humidity take over. But regardless, I’m also finding there has to be a bit of flexibility. This week, I’m learning and doing my best to embrace that flexibility.


Friday 6/27

Strength: 4RM overhead squat 55#

WOD for time:

-run 1 mile

THEN 3 rounds:

50 double unders (100 singles)

5 power snatch (35#)

TIME: 14:58


Saturday 6/28



Sunday 6/29

9 mile run


Monday 6/30

Strength: back squat 3-3-3-3-3 (w/ :03 rest at bottom) – 80#

WOD 3 rounds for time: 40 air squats / 30 push-ups (w/ purple band) / 20 deadlifts (55#) – 10:41


Tuesday 7/1

Strength: 2 snatches every :03 for 4:00 (40#)

WOD for time: 60 box jumps (12″) THEN 3 rounds: 20 burpees / 40 sit-ups, THEN 60 box jumps – 15:41

3 mile run


Wednesday 7/2

Strength: Hang clean 1RM – 60#

WOD AMRAP in 8:00: 5 Strict Pull-ups (green+red) / 7 Power Cleans (35#) / 9 Front Squats (35#) – 4 rounds + 2 front squats


Thursday 7/3


I woke up Thursday morning with a slight headache. It was one that I wasn’t sure if I could run through or not, but decided to wake up, eat something small and relax while my body digested and see how I felt in an hour. …nearly 2 hours later I woke up. Oops! But when I woke up, the headache was worse and I knew it wasn’t something I could run with so I made my way to the chiropractor for an adjustment and then to the coffee shop to get my day of work started.


Being a holiday weekend and knowing I want to enjoy time with friends, I’m figuring out how to best plan out my weekend of workouts, especially with yesterday’s sudden rest day. There’s a definite balance between sticking to the training plan and letting it control and take over your life; I’m working to find that balance and allowing myself the flexibility to adjust when and if needed.


With that, I’m off to run and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


How was your training this week?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Balancing Running & CrossFit

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m sooooo happy it’s Friday! It’s been such a roller coaster week – filled with some of the highest of highs, some frustrating bumps and everything else in between, but really, I feel like this week I can’t complain. So I’m not. Instead, I’m just celebrating that it’s Friday and that we’re only a few hours away from the weekend.

10407376_10100191415039729_6180915762769758207_nJust in case you were curious, Wine Wednesday IS a real thing… ;)

Anyway, I’ve had some pretty killer workouts this week! CrossFit has been happening consistently and I must admit, there’s a part of me that wishes I could go everyday AND still train for my marathon, but since that’s not going to happen (at least right now), I’ve been doing my best to balance the two and it’s really been amazing!


Friday 6/20

Strength: power snatch – 3-3-3-3-3 50# 3RM

WOD: 11:00 on clock 900m run then…AMRAP: 10 power cleans (35#)/10 pull-ups (red & green band)

2 + 8 pull-ups


Saturday 6/21



Sunday 6/22

6 mile run


Monday 6/23

Strength: push press 5-5-5+ (55# @ 8)

WOD for time: 400m run / 50 pull-ups (30 w/ green&red-20 w/ green &2red) / 300m run / 50 push-ups (purple) / 200m run / 50 air squats


Tuesday 6/24

800m run warm-up

Strength: deadlift 5-5-5+ (85# @ 10) w/ 16 ring dips

WOD EMOTM for 8:

15 KB Swings (25 or 30#?)

Max box jumps up and over

(score was total # of box jumps – I got 20 – tried to increase my weight on KB and this was the wrong WOD to do that! Dropped weight down in last set after missing 2 rounds for box jumps)


Wednesday 6/25

Strength: front squats 5-5-5+ (65# 10)

WOD for time: Jackie

1000m row / 50 thrusters (15#) / 30 pull-ups (red & green) – 10:26

3.2 mile run


Thursday 6/26

5 mile run



I’m not quite sure what the weekend has in store for me, but I know there will be time for relaxation, fun and productivity. :)


What’s in store for your weekend?

How were your workouts this week?

Back on Track!

I must admit, I have loved the onslaught of support this post has been given. I’ve seen it shared and favorited and commented on and it’s just filled my heart with joy. I hope by my sharing how I’m able to scale CrossFit for me, others won’t be so afraid to try it. I know CrossFit isn’t going to be every person’s favorite, but I hate to see people shy away from it out of fear or feeling like they aren’t good enough. I understand the feeling as I too was once there.


Anyway, you’ll all be happy to know that not only did I take some rest this week, I took TWO days of rest! Had to make up for last week. But in all seriousness, my body has been feeling strong and capable and I feel like I’m working out within my means which is what’s important.

Photo from Blend taken by Lindsay's husband Travis - my awesome team for the group GPP bootcamp!

Photo from Blend taken by Lindsay‘s husband Travis – my awesome team for the group GPP bootcamp!

Friday 6/13



Saturday 6/14



Sunday 6/15

7 mile run


Monday 6/16

Back squat: 3rm 100#

WOD for time:

400m run / 10 burpees / 20 front squats (35#) / 3 rope climbs (20 pull-ups with green & purple band) / 20 front squats / 10 burpees / 400m run – 11:34


Tuesday 6/17

5 press/5 push press/5 push jerk – 35# every 2:00 for 6:00

WOD for time:

5 rounds: 12 deadlifts/9 hang power cleans/6 push jerk – 35# 7:50 (10# heavier than foundations class 4 & only a little over 1 mins longer)

3 mile run


Wednesday 6/18

strength: bench press – 5-5-5+ w/ 10 back extensions btwn each set – 65#

WOD for time: “Annie”


Double Unders (I scaled w/ single unders 100-80-60-40-20)


time: 11:20


Thursday 6/19

5 mile run


I must admit, I reaaaaalllllyy wanted to go to CrossFit yesterday morning but after I was taken down with the worst migraine in months on Wednesday (hence no post yesterday), when I woke up Thursday morning, I knew I needed to stick with my original plan of a 5 mile run and not overdue it. But they were doing tire flips and HELLO how AWESOME does that sound?! I’ll be there next time…no excuses!

Photo from Blend via Lindsay's husband, Travis! (not the most flattering but whatevs!)

Photo from Blend via Lindsay‘s husband, Travis! (not the most flattering but whatevs!)

I’m trying to figure out what my weekend of workouts will look like as my box is celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary on Saturday and I imagine a semi-late night with a few drinks and let’s be real, that’s not really the best fuel for a long run Sunday morning. ;)


How was your training this week?
How are you planning to stay active this weekend?

That Week I Forgot a Rest Day

It’s been one of those weeks when my body is feeling FANTASTIC! I was having some issues with my hamstrings, IT bands & tail bone over the weekend/early in the week but I stayed tuned-in to how my body was feeling and ended up having a lot of amazing workouts!


There was no formal rest day this week but my body is feeling strong, not tired. Now don’t worry, I will be taking a rest day, Blend bootcamps threw my off my usual schedule and since I was feeling good, I didn’t really realize I didn’t take one. Oops.

Anyway, thanks to all who entered the Bondi Band giveaway – the winner has been notified by email!


So let’s get to my workouts, shall we?

Friday 6/6
2 ½ mile run
10 mins jump rope work


Saturday 6/7
Bootcamp w/ Onnit
6 mile hike (approx)


Sunday 6/8
Bootcamp w/ GPP


Monday 6/9
CrossFit – strength: squat clean #40 1RM
AMRAP in 10: 10 clapping push-up (w/ purple band)/20 air squats/60 single unders – 5+11 squats


Tuesday 6/10
3 mile run


Wednesday 6/11
CrossFit- strength: EMOM 6: 2 power cleans #35 / 4 box jumps 20″
4 rounds for time: 10 unbroken hang snatch 25# / 15 wall balls 6# / 10 box jumps- up & over 20″ – 9:21


Thursday 6/12
CrossFit – strength back squats 5-3-1+ 85# (5)
AMRAP 20:00: 300m run/20 pull-ups (green & red band) / 20 KB swings (20#) – 4 + run
1 mile run

How did you stay active this week? 


What plans do you have for your weekend?

Weekly Workouts + Bondi Band Giveaway!

While I’m in Utah this weekend, I have a fun giveaway for you, but before we get to the goods, let’s take a look at this week’s workouts.



Friday 5/30

AMRAP in 10:00

100m run / 15 KB swings / 100m run / 15 wall balls 

Finished 3 rounds + 2nd 100m run


Saturday 5/31



Sunday 6/1

3 mile run


Monday 6/2

WOD: 400m run/5 burpees/5 single KB thrusters (per side) – 3 rounds

+addtl abs


Tuesday 6/3

Rest – short walk & stretching


Wednesday 6/4

WOD: 150 single unders, then 21-15-9 / power cleans/ring dips time: 10:11

3 mile run


Thursday 6/5

Rest – travel

I had to take an extra rest day or two than I would have liked but I honestly think I probably didn’t give myself enough last week after my half marathon PR. I know that was taxing on my body but I felt great the next day and allowed myself to jump right back into the fun…noted for next time. ;)


Now, I know you’re all waiting for this giveaway so let’s get to it…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 6.27.16 PM

As part of my Sweat Pink partnership, I had the chance to try out Bondi Bands. And let me just say, I LOVE them! Yes, I received them free of charge but as with all reviews, all opinions are my own. And yes, I love them!


I wore them on a run the other day…it stayed in place. I wore it to CrossFit the other morning…it stayed in place. I love the larger band because it helps tame my crazy hair but it’s light and I didn’t find myself needing to make sure it was still there. …did I mention it stayed in place? Honestly, that’s always my biggest problem so this is a huge deal for me. I’m about ready to buy more…


a Rafflecopter giveaway



If you can’t wait (or don’t want to) to see if you win the giveaway, you can order your own before June 28th with promo code SWEATPINK for 10% off your order!


How were your workouts this week?

Are you a headband fan?

A Half & Way Too Many Burpees (+ A New Workout!)

Let’s get real here for a second, it’s been such a roller coaster week – thank goodness it’s a short one! Since I was in Boston over the weekend, despite having a great time, I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up all week and didn’t get my weekend time to decompress. Add in a nice dose of work stress, life stress, and the personal pressure I put on myself to figure my shit out, and I’ve been riding quite the roller coaster. In case you didn’t know, I don’t actually like roller coasters. ;)


Anyway, it’s a good thing I’ve had some amazing workouts this week which have provided me with the time to do something for me and they’ve honestly been quite the butt kickers. And it feels good!

Friday 5/23



Saturday 5/24

Walk – 3+ miles


Sunday 5/25

½ Marathon

Walk – 2+ miles

(Side note: no official pictures from the half yet but when I get them, I promise I will share. I know we all enjoy a good laugh from time to time!)



Monday 5/26



Tuesday 5/27

GPP Wiped


Wednesday 5/28

Deck of Cards #2

(see below!)


Thursday 5/29

CrossFit Foundations Class #5

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.07.37 PM


Yesterday was also the final CrossFit foundations class for me. I missed the class + graduation last week while I was in Boston so I’m excited to now attend any of the classes and further join this community that I’m already feeling a part of. :)


Now, as I promised…Wednesday’s Deck of Cards workout was AMAZING! I made some changes from another Deck of Cards workout I found and let me tell you, this one was awesome! It was not easy and definitely left me feeling sweaty and like I had a serious butt kicking. And of course following it up yesterday with more Burpees at CrossFit was insane, absolutely insane!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.22.32 PM

How were your workouts this week?

Have any extra incredible workouts I should try?

It All Comes Down to Sunday

Fitness Friday posts may not always be the most popular posts on my blog, but I must admit I love them. I love looking back on my week of workouts and reflecting on how well I did, what I could have done better (coughyogacough), or whatever else comes to mind. I enjoy being able to look back on my training and see how far I’ve come, especially a week like this when after 12 weeks of working my tail off, increasing my mileage, and trying to stay strong, it all comes down to Sunday when I set out to finish my third half marathon.

This will be unlike any other half marathon I’ve run – they don’t allow walkers, I won’t have any spectators (at least not family and I’m not sure if there will be any friends/acquaintances on the course), I’m running outside the midwest (aka probably NOT a fast and flat course). But what it doesn’t change is that I’m setting out to FINISH and HAVE FUN, not setting out for a new PR!
So what did my final week of training look like?
Friday 5/16
CrossFit foundations – Day 3
Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.39.43 PM
Saturday 5/17
Sunday 5/18
10 mile run
Monday 5/19
CrossFit foundations 4:
Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.40.20 PM
Tuesday 5/20
Rest – travel
Wednesday 5/21
3 mile run
Thursday 5/22
2 mile run
How was YOUR fitness this week?
What are YOU working towards?