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Fitness Friday #13


That’s me on a rest day…I don’t usually handle them too well. I know their purpose, I understand their purpose, I take them and I take more of them when needed. But working out is my stress relief and this was one of those weeks when extra rest days were needed.

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Whether you call it elevation, too many burpees, stress or something else, my asthma has been all sorts of jacked the last few days and required an extra few days off. I was fit into a chiropractor yesterday afternoon and while it helped quite a bit, I definitely still needed to take the rest of the day easy. At least in terms of my fitness.

We’re gearing up for a busy week of events for 50 States though so I’m really excited for more days in the gym vs. RV style WODs. I’ve been programming some really awesome kick-my-butt WODs but there’s just something about being in the gym and lifting weights that I can’t get enough.


As for my workouts this past week, this is what they looked like:

Friday 3/20

Open WOD 15.4

8min AMRAP:

10 push press (65#)

10 power cleans (75#)

score: 70


Saturday 3/21

walk 3-4 miles at Grand Canyon


Sunday 3/22

21 burpees & squats

200 singles

15 burpees & squats

200 singles

9 burpees & squats

200 singles

time: 13:52



Reverse Crunches

Flutter Kicks

time: 4:12


Monday 3/23

EMOM for 10:00

Odd: 5 push-ups + 10 supermans

Even: 15 triceps dips

3 rounds:

30 Squats

30 Reverse lunges

:30 Wall sit

1 min plank

30 sec side plank/each

30 sit-ups


Tuesday 3/24

40 min AMrAP:

200m run

1 burpee

1 air squat

200m run

2 burpees

2 air squats

200m run

4 burpees

4 air squats

cont by doubling # of burpees & air squats w/ each round

score is total number of burpees and air squats completed

score: 324 (70 reps in 128 round)


Wednesday 3/25



Thursday 3/26


How were your workouts this past week? Anyone needing an extra bit of motivation?

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Fitness Friday #12 & Using That Inner Passion


Wouldn’t you agree? Every day that I’m feeling stuck or frustrated or at a loss of what’s next or how to make the 50 States project grow, I am reminded of my passion for this project and I use every ounce of that passion to get through the harder days. I know that when all is said and done, it’s going to have been worth every little trial and tribulation, every laugh and every tear, and every high and low moment.

It’s this same passion that pushes me through my workouts. Let’s be real, we all have moments when we feel like our progress has stalled and that’s where I’m feeling right now with my fitness. I’m putting in the work to the best that I can while on the road, using what I have to get some awesome workouts done, but I’m still feeling like my training is at a halt and I’m not progressing in the ways that I would like.


But that doesn’t mean I’m not progressing. Truth is, this is all a part of the journey. The journey for personal growth and this journey we call life. If I don’t struggle and work hard through those moments, I won’t appreciate the amazing ones when they come around.

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Friday 3/13

CrossFit Open WOD 15.3

AMRAP in 14:00

50 Wall Balls (10#)

200 Single Unders

score: 534

CrossFit Petroglyph Event

Partner WOD for time:

200m run w/ partner

4 rounds:

20 Goblet squats (26#)

20 KB swings

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

(split work with partner however)

then, 200m run w/ partner

time: 9:34


Saturday 3/14

CrossFit Holloman Event

4 min AMRAP:

10 box jumps

10 burpees

10 deadlifts (65#)

score: 60

1 min rest

5 min AMRAP:

10 box jumps

10 burpees

10 deadlifts

10 pull-ups

score: 70

1 min rest

6 min AMRAP:

10 box jumps

10 burpees

10 deadlifts

10 pull-ups

10 power cleans (65#)

score: 75


Sunday 3/15



Monday 3/16



Tuesday 3/17

WildFire CrossFit Event

AMRAP in 17:00

50 KB Swings (26#))

17 Pull-ups (green band)

50 sit-ups

17 Thrusters (50#)

50 Lat Over-Bar Jumos

17 Snatches (50#)

score: 1 + 10 pull-ups (261 reps)


Wednesday 3/18

@WildFire CrossFit

1 rep max power clean: 100# (PR!)

100m row for time: 4:34


Thursday 3/19

3 rounds:

200m run

5 push-ups

10 burpees

15 dips

20 lunges

25 air squats

30 sit-ups

Time: 21:50

Now tell me, how were your workouts this past week?

Where do you need motivation or inspiration?