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Fitness Friday #39

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Happy Friday! Have you all seen that app to turn yourself into a Peanuts character? I couldn’t help myself…I had a bit too much fun. 😉 Anyway, I am spending my weekend just hanging out with one of my good friends. Things have been really stressful and crazy so it’s nice to get away from home, even only a few… Read more »

Fitness Friday #38

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This past week was a whirlwind. Between traveling to New York, my friend Tina’s wedding, seeing as many people as I possibly could when not being a bridesmaid, and traveling home, it’s been nonstop. I knew it was going to be a crazy weekend so I prepared for a few more rest days but as soon as I was back… Read more »

Fitness Friday #37

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I’m going to make this quick today as I’m writing you from New York, gearing up to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s wedding this weekend. After my flight was delayed an hour due to weather, I got my bag, made my way to the rental car and sat in terrible NYC traffic, missed the rehearsal but made it… Read more »

Fitness Friday #36

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This week was a real turning point for me as I finally feel like I’m starting to break out of my workout rut and finding the motivation to get back to it. I know a big part of that was due to joining my old gym again the other day. I had been thinking about re-joining or joining a cheaper… Read more »

20 Minute Row Sprint Workout

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I’ve said this numerous times before, I do really want to get back into CrossFit but until I have a source of income coming in again, I’m having a hard time justifying the cost. It’s a shame because now is the time when I have the flexibility in my schedule to make it to pretty much any class time and… Read more »

Fitness Friday #35

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While I don’t usually pick a theme for my Fitness Friday posts, this week I had a re-occurring message pop up: Yes, listen to your body. For the past few weeks I’ve had a really hard time motivating myself to workout at home. Since deciding to follow a 10k training plan to focus on my running again and give myself… Read more »

Fitness Friday #34

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I must admit, I’ve been a bit unmotivated in my workouts this past week. Once the decision was made to pull the end of 50 States, I was looking forward to spending my days at the gym, returning to consistent CrossFit training and feeling like I was getting back to where I was before we left. Problem is, I don’t… Read more »