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Fitness Friday #33

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While my Friday is just getting started over here in Hawaii, for many of you, your weekend is quickly approaching. I’ve been in so many time zones this year, sometimes I forget where I am or what time it is in other parts of the country. With that said, you’ll have to excuse my late posting of Fitness Friday and… Read more »

Fitness Friday #32

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I’m all for the high-intensity, sweat dripping workouts but I also enjoy adding in some lower impact activities like walking, yoga or hiking every now and again too. This was one of those weeks when there was a nice variety of the two, in part thanks to being in Hawaii and getting to spend my days near or at the… Read more »

Soybu: Fitness Apparel Review

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I had my first opportunity to try Soybu after attending the Blend Retreat in May and I absolutely loved the leggings we received so you can bet how excited I was when they reached out asking if I’d like to try a few more pieces from their catalog. Yes, please! I chose to try the Ariel tank in black, Killer… Read more »

Fitness Friday #31

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Aloha from Hawaii!  I’m sunburnt and already exhausted but having a blast and enjoying every moment. I’m excited for my family to come and for them to get to enjoy it with us. And while I’d like to think some beach WODs may happen at some point, we’ll see how much that actually happens…ha! But if I am jumping and… Read more »

Fitness Friday #30

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It hasn’t been my most active week, I’m just going to start out saying that. Quite honestly, I’m feeling it too…mentally and physically. At the same time, I haven’t had much of an appetite this week (thank you stress) so I know I’m not eating enough to fuel my usual activity level so I’m taking this week a bit easier… Read more »

Fitness Friday #29

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I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Not that I’m necessarily complaining, I should have a fun weekend ahead of me catching up with friends in LA, but it just feels like I blink and moments just keep flying by. I’m desperately trying to hold on and enjoy every second though while I can! Yesterday was an all day event at… Read more »

Fitness Friday #28

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**Note** This post was written and ready (minus my Thursday workout) but due to a crazy schedule Thursday and then a non-stop day Friday, you’re getting it at 10pm Friday night. Hey, it’s still Friday afterall! 😉  By the time you read this, I should be back home in IL. I’ll only be here for a few days but I’m… Read more »