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Cooking With Green Tea

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There’s no doubt the last few weeks (months maybe?) that getting the motivation to COOK dinner (aside from eggs or throwing a salad together) is just too much work. Whether it’s because I’m feeling too tired, lazy or just unmotivated doesn’t matter, the fact is just that it needs to change. Those nights are ok (and normal) once and awhile,… Read more »

(Some) Eats Lately

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Once again I was hoping for that new “day in the life” with my eats…and then once again I forgot to actually take the photos. Where is my head lately? Actually, don’t answer that, I’ll tell you tomorrow. (teaser – come back tomorrow!) Thankfully, I do have some yummy and delicious and random eats to share with you. Hopefully they’ll… Read more »

Re-Fueling Post WOD with Skoop B-Strong

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Between CrossFit and marathon training, recovery is huge for me! I need to be sure I’m re-fueling my muscles properly so they’re ready for what’s to come next. After loving the Skoop A-Game, the company asked if I’d like to try their new B-Strong vanilla protein powder. It’s vegetarian, gluten-free, clean and super yummy! Lately, one of my favorite things… Read more »

Rosemary Almond & Kale Pesto Salmon (with Blue Diamond)

I love salmon but it’s not one of those things I often think of making at home. It’s a treat when I go out to eat but for some reason, I always forget how easy it is to make myself.   A few weeks ago I purchased some frozen salmon from Trader Joe’s and it sat in my freezer for… Read more »

Cocoa-Berry Smoothie

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Should we start with the fun stuff? I’m sure a few of you are dying to find out if you won the Skoop A-Game giveaway from last week… Congrats Katrina!    For those who didn’t win, don’t fret! The amazing crew at Skoop sent me some of their new B-Strong protein powder to try out and there just might be… Read more »

Great Mail Lately (+ Quest Bar Giveaway!)

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  I have to admit, I’ve been getting some pretty awesome mail lately! Granted, I’ve purchased a few things for myself…ahem-retailtherapy-ahem, but I’ve also had a lot of mail sent my way lately. Take a look at this! 1 – Blue Diamond was so sweet and sent me some almonds as a part of their summer campaign. Look for a… Read more »

Salads Lately

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Salads have been one of my favorite foods for quite some time. I love making what I call my “garbage bowl” salads because they contain pretty much everything and anything that happen to be in my fridge, simply tossed on top of some dark leafy greens. Easy to make and super delicious.   I’ve been needing to change up my… Read more »