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Workout With a Water Jug & Fitness Friday #2

Thank you to everyone for all of their support I received on yesterday’s post. It was definitely one that needed to be written, maybe more for myself than anything else but it felt good to get it out there.

ff2 quote

Today’s Fitness Friday quote really rings true for me. Maybe it’s my stubborn tendencies or maybe it’s my drive to make crazy ideas happen. Regardless of the reasoning, I take that with me from life to my fitness. The tougher WODs might push me to my limits but if you stand in front of me and tell me I can’t do it, you’re just going to give me more reason to prove you wrong!

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Friday 1/2/15



Saturday 1/3/15

RV Tababta – :20 work / :10 rest

16 rounds, switching btwn:

-jumping jacks

-plank jacks

then, 16 rounds, switching btwn:

-triceps dips



Sunday 1/4/15

20 mins yoga – Heart Opening Flow

10 rounds:

-20 water jug swings

-10 water jug goblet squats

-5 water jug overhead walking lunges

cash-out: plank hold as long as possible 1:15


Monday 1/5/15

AMRAP in 17:00:

50 KB swings (25#)

40 Goblet Squats (25#)

30 Deadlifts (65#)

20 Bar-Facing Burpees

10 Power Cleans (65#)

score: 1+19 deadlifts


4 round tabata each- :20 work :10 rest

-Flutter kicks


-Plank holds


Tuesday 1/6/15



Wednesday 1/7/15

3.25 mile run


Thursday 1/8/15

3 rounds for time:

100 single unders

20 box jumps

time: 5:52

21-15-9 for time:



time: 3:06

For someone who only had 1 event this week, I’m pretty happy with my fitness! I’m definitely missing getting in 4 or 5 WODs at a CrossFit box like I was getting at home but I’m staying active and at the end of the day, that’s what counts the most!

Now it’s your turn – how were your workouts this week?

Remember, it’s not about comparison, it’s about motivation, inspiration and maybe some new ideas for workouts! (Like my water jug WOD from Sunday!)

Why the 24 Day Challenge Isn’t About Weight Loss

I feel like there’s a misconception around the 24 Day Challenge and while yes, many people lose weight in the process, it’s really about so much more than that. And you can tell me if you think I’m wrong and that’s fine, but I want to share the other side of it.


1 – It’s about creating healthy habits, not dieting

For so many people, the biggest factor of weight loss or a healthy lifestyle comes down to their diet and what they are consuming. As soon as you start focusing your attention on what you’re putting into your body and focusing on clean, real foods, you’re going to start seeing results. Hands down.

2 – It’s about energy

Because who doesn’t want more energy to get through their day, their todo list, the FUN things they want to do in life?

3 – It’s not over on Day 25

You can’t tell me when you finish eating clean for 24 days, after seeing results and feeling boat loads of energy, that you have a desire to return to your old habits and lifestyle. I just don’t think that’s true. Instead, it comes down to moderation and a better handle of the 80/20.

4 – It’s about community

I’m not even kidding! These people are fantastic and truly supportive! From the Facebook group full of recipe ideas, motivation and support, to all of the phone calls and text messages, I feel like I’m surrounded by a group of people that truly care. They care about me, my health and my goals.

5 – It’s about how we FEEL

For me this is the biggest of them all. I know I don’t need to lose weight and that’s why the 24 Day Challenge has nothing to do with weight loss for me. It has to do with how I FEEL about myself. I’ve been indulging more the last few months and even if those indulgences were “cleaner” versions, they’re still treats and should be consumed as such, not on the regular. This is especially true when I know those kinds of things drag me down physically and mentally.

I’m not telling you that you have to do it. But I’m also not telling you that you shouldn’t. After seeing some amazing results and energy from the Advocare Performance Elite line, I had to give the 24 Day Challenge a try. If it helps me break bad habits, if it gives me more energy and I feel better about myself, then it’ll be totally worth it.

Have you ever tried the 24 Day Challenge?

What would you be looking for out of it?