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5 (Natural) Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Many of you may know this already, but I have asthma. I didn’t grow up with it and honestly had no idea I had it until I was in college and living in Boston. I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room working on an assignment that wasn’t due for a few weeks when I suddenly found myself… Read more »

Fitness Friday #40

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TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Fitness Friday), am I right?! 😉 While I feel like I say this every week, it has been another crazy week around here as I continue that whole job hunt, work on this blog (content, design and growth), and some more personal stuff (some good, some not). Regardless, I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with… Read more »

Let’s Talk: The Thigh Gap

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Somehow it’s already October 1st and while I can hardly believe it, I’m not going to waste any time, I want to dive right into a pretty serious topic…the thigh gap. We’ve all heard people talk about the thigh gap, it’s a topic that seems to come up in the media over and over again and even now that we’re… Read more »

WHAT I Am Tracking Daily And WHY

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Do you track what you eat? How about your workouts or what you did for the day? I know there’s a lot out there on the disadvantages of tracking daily, but today, I want to talk about some of the advantages of tracking and explain to you why I do track pretty much everything. I will give the disclaimer that… Read more »

My BreakUp Letter to Chocolate

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Dear Chocolate, I think it’s time we had a talk. I should start by telling you this is very difficult for me as I do love you so very much… But you see, lately our relationship has been rocky. I eat a little bit and you make me not feel well. It might start out physical but lately it’s also… Read more »

A Fitness Friday Birthday

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Does anyone know what today is? AND it’s Fitness Friday, does it get any better? It wasn’t my best week in terms of fitness. I got to spend a couple short days in LA seeing some friends I haven’t in far too long and it was more important to me to spend that time with them vs fitting in formal… Read more »

What I Haven’t Been Doing Lately (But Should Be)

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I have to admit something’s been missing lately. Scratch that a couple somethings. I love CrossFit and while I’ve already mentioned that I’m missing being in the box on a daily basis and working on my strength and skills, I’ve been really proud of myself lately for creating some great WODs to do either in or outside of the RV…. Read more »