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The Greatest Girls Weekend

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When I set out to attend Blend the first year in 2012, I went in knowing no one. I knew of some of the bloggers that would be there, but I didn’t actually no anyone. It was scary but I swallowed my nerves, stepped outside my comfort zone and had a great weekend. I met some amazing women that weekend,… Read more »

To Insure Good Health

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Does this dress make me look fat?

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Don’t answer that.   I wasn’t going to post today, at least not more than the Motivation In March quote when THIS happened… I’ve blurred out the name of the person who wrote the comment out of respect. A respect that they didn’t have when they opened their mouth.   I know this is something that women get asked everyday… Read more »

Quick Cardio

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I’m sure I’m not the only one saying this today… 😉 I feel like I’ve been going for weeks straight without a break (mostly because I have) and losing my Sunday to catch up was definitely hard this week. I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend so I can catch up and get back on my two best feet.  … Read more »

My Top Tips for Staying Active While Traveling

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Tomorrow I will hop on a plane and head to Kansas City for the week for work. I’ve got a few posts ready for the week but things might get a bit quieter; make sure to follow me on social media if you want to stay up to date, especially on any cool artists worth checking out. 😉   In… Read more »

My Top Tips to Drink More Water

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been pretty good about drinking water. I know the importance of water in a healthy diet and active lifestyle, so I always make sure I’m not neglecting that aspect of my health. As a quick recap, here’s a few benefits of staying hydrated (take from MindBodyGreen’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More… Read more »

Breaking Out of My Food Rut

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I must admit, I’ve been in a food rut lately. It happens from time to time as I find some of my favorite foods and just can’t get enough of them…well, at least until I’ve had enough. 😉 And while I LOVE salads, I wasn’t giving myself enough variety and started to burn out. It was time to start changing… Read more »