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Music Monday

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I am so thankful I have friends with good musical tastes because I always get introduced or re-introduced to the music that’s out there.  I’m particularly lucky because my best friend Tracey knows good music and is always sharing good music.  Her most recent share was “Ocean” by John Butler Trio.  This song makes me swoon and melt.  I love… Read more »

Music Monday – Bern & the Brights

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When I was living outside New York after college I was introduced to the band Bern & the Brights.  The band is from New Jersey and extremely talented.  This past week I found myself wanting to hear some of their music again so thanks to Spotify I was able to make that happen.  It also made me want to share… Read more »

Music Monday – Stateless

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If you haven’t heard about Spotify, you need to go Google it because it’s definitely going to change the way we listen to music…again! Anyway, so I was logged in the other day checking out my friend’s playlists and hoping to find new music to obsess over and fill my ears.  That was just what I did! Thank you to… Read more »

Home – Music Monday

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And after a long week of work which ended at 1 o’clock this morning, I’m preparing myself to hop on a plane this afternoon to head home and visit my family.  I’m tired and not exactly looking forward to hours of traveling but a week off work and getting to see my family (who I haven’t seen since Christmas –… Read more »

Music Monday – The Lumineers

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Today it hits close to home but I still want to share…  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I used to manage a band called The Lumineers.  If you’ve been reading a bit, you also watched as I lost the band.  But despite everything that happened, they are my friends and amazing musicians.  So when… Read more »

Music Monday – Birthday Dress

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Last Monday I told you guys about Lil Playy, the new Interscope artist whose album I previewed / reviewed a couple weeks ago.  Well last week I could only share the “Behind the Scenes” for his first single, “Birthday Dress.” This week, I can share the “Birthday Dress” video which premiered during our review session.  The video is awesome and… Read more »

Music Monday – LiL Playy

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If you haven’t noticed from my blog or you don’t actually know me that well, let me just tell you that music is a big part of my life (I mean that is what I went to school for)!  It’s also something I’ve been wanting to write about for awhile and was tempted to start a second blog devoted solely… Read more »