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National COFFEE Day!

Alright my fellow coffee lovers, today is OUR day…today we celebrate…today we pour ourselves as many cups as we’d like…why you ask?

national coffee day

So whether you prefer your cup iced or hot, black or with cream and sugar, pour yourself a cup (or 4!) and enjoy!


And while you’re sipping away, enjoy this cover of Garth Brook’s new song “People Loving People” – I’m obsessed but you can’t find him doing it online, so you’ll have to settle for the cover. But listen to the lyrics….”the only answer to the problem is people loving people….it’s the answer to everything that is evil…”

Now that we’ve had our coffee….


Question – How do you take your coffee?

Me – just a little almond milk – whether hot or iced

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Glass Animals

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I definitely did but since I feel like I’m running around trying to play catch up, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a recap of the weekend. For now, let’s just start our Monday with some marvelous music: Glass Animals.


Fill me in on your weekend – what’d yo do?

Re-Discovering A Good Band

I love running across new music. No surprise, right? I’m not sure if this song came on one of my Spotify radio stations or how I ran across it but I loved it right away and had it on repeat for awhile, knowing I’d need to share it soon enough. (FYI – This is a mesh with another song..)

Of course you know me, find one song I love and I move on to figure out if I like anything else from that artist…and then I realize I know the band but forgot about them! (gasp) Anyone else know this song?

In my research it also appears Neulore will release a new album later this month!! You better believe I can’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a listen! But thankfully with a little internet snooping (aka Google search) I found another song from the new album…whoa!

All I can say is that I’m excited for the new album…


What band’s have you re-discovered lately?

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The Best of August 2014

Can you believe it’s already the end of August? Yesterday was my last day with Pledge and it was extremely bittersweet. Despite leaving on great terms and knowing that I’m leaving to pursue a dream and make a huge impact, I was in tears by 9:30am as I posted my farewell on Instagram.

It was a quiet day for me with all of my campaigns handed over to my replacement and all intros made. The emails coming through were strictly “goodbye” and “thank you” with the occasional question or project update. One of the campaigns I managed (and pledged for) was the Soil & the Sun’s “Meridian.” This band is truly talented and I couldn’t wait until Monday to share, so here’s a video they posted of the ladies in the band performing “I Know It (I Feel It, Too).” Truly remarkable.



Anyway, it is the end of the month and it’s been a crazy month so I thought we’d look back on some of my favorite posts from the month…


Dream Big Things. Do Big Things. Make Big Impact.

50 states in a year graphic

Running with FlipBelt

flip belt7 Days of Positivity


A Tough Decision


Taking My WOD Up A Notch With Reebok CrossFit Nano


The Cool Kids

Photo on 8-8-14 at 8.43 PM

The Unexpected Benefit of CrossFit



(maybe this post makes more sense given the recent events)


From Eden


What was your favorite part of August?