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Tiger Striped Sky

Tired of seeing adventures on café walls

Think I’ll take a turn from the known road,

Think I’ll write a tale of my own

I’m going southbound to where the ocean’s flirting with the coast


Sound familiar? Is that how you feel? It’s often how I felt before starting up 50 States In A Year. But that’s not to say in order to have your own adventures or create your own tale that you need to do something so drastic or crazy.


Maybe you drive to a new beach for a fun day in the sun.


Maybe you go driving through a new neighborhood and look at the houses or fun trees.


Maybe you walk around a town you’ve never been.

I don’t really care what it is but taking those moments and finding adventure are good for us, they’re good for our souls.

Did you have any new adventures this weekend?

“Broken Over You” Grace Mitchell

We’ve all had someone that’s made us feel a little broken inside. Whether it be a crush, someone we dated briefly, or the love that we lost. As I listen to “Broken Over You” by Grace Mitchell, I think of those experiences. I think of those guys that I could hardly utter a sound around. The ones that I couldn’t fully let myself open up to. The ones that drove me a little crazy (or rather made me feel a little crazy). And the ones that I wished things would have gone better.

grace mitchell

This isn’t meant to be upsetting. In fact, it’s quite far from it. Because as I look back on all of those past relationships and dating experiences, I see why they didn’t work. I see what I needed to learn from them or learn about myself. I see the growth that needed to happen in us (in ME). I see all the wrong place, wrong time.

Yes, I’m still single. Yes, I’m still figuring things out. And no, I’m not in any kind of rush. I know that time and patience and continually doing my thing and living this crazy (and amazing) journey we call life must keep happening. I know that my time will come; the time when I won’t be reading these lyrics and thinking of those in my past. The time when I’ll be able to look this unknown man in the eyes and not feel broken, but rather full of life and love.

I’m sorry…was that a bit deep for a Monday Morning? Sometimes it’s just so marvelous to feel inspired by music that your words just flow. Today’s one of those.

What are you listening to this week?