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Birthday Yoga Flow – TriYoga with Katie

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It’s been pretty quiet around here this week. It was a busy week last weekend and this one will be too, so instead of putting pressure on myself to just get a blog post out for the sake of posting, I decided just to let silence fill this corner. I’m also thinking of taking away the workout recap posts because… Read more »

Body Scan Meditation – TriYoga with Katie

I have to admit that I’m loving the start of the month. I love the opportunity to refresh and hit reset on my goals, but I also love that it means a new meditation. I know meditation can be a hard thing to get into for so many people, and my intention with these meditation videos is to help them… Read more »

April 2019 Goals

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April is here! I’m not sure about the rest of you, but March felt reallyyyyyy long to me. Maybe it’s because February is a short month, but March felt almost stupidly long. It was a tough month for me mentally, so I’m sure in a lot of ways that was playing into things but I’m going into April with hope,… Read more »

Find Your Balance Flow – TriYoga with Katie

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Today, we’re going to work on balance! Balance is this brand new beast in our bodies every single day but it brings in strength of the mind and body, so it’s worth working on! I want you to remember that this flow will feel different in your body every single time that you do it, but it’s also likely going… Read more »

Weekly Workout Wednesday #26

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This week is flying by! Really, it’s just because it is a short work week for me with one of my good friends from home coming to town to visit. She came up Sunday afternoon, I took off Monday so we could hang out, get pedicures, walk the pup, and she left yesterday morning when I had to make my… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude – March 2019

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I’ll be honest, this month has kind of kicked my butt. There have been some great, exciting, and fun things, but there’s also been some stress, overwhelm, and major hormone changes. I took myself off birth control recently and the adjustment has definitely been challenging at times. With that said, I know that it’ll get better and easier with each… Read more »

4 Pose Restorative Yoga – TriYoga with Katie

Today is the first practice where you’re going to need a prop! Don’t worry though, you don’t need anything fancy. You can grab a bolster if you have one, otherwise, a pillow or a couple folded up blankets will do just fine for today’s 4 pose restorative practice.  While I love vinyasa yoga, my love for a restorative yoga practice… Read more »