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I Just Want To Write: Confession Of A Blogger

want to write

I’ve been wanting to write more lately. Not just blogging content or Daily Aspire prompts, like REAL WORLD, HEART FELT, THIS IS MY STORY WRITING. But I question it’s space. Is it here? TLSM is MY journey through life after all. Is it Daily Aspire? Do I create a prompt that allows me to pour my heart out to the… Read more »

Is It Time To Replace Your Water Bottle?

water bottle FB

Is it time to replace your shaker cups and water bottles? I got to thinking about this the other week. For the most part I use my shaker cups as water bottles (they’re just easier to sip from and less likely to leak) but last week I grabbed two other bottles hanging out in my cabinet…they had built in straws… Read more »


Katie   April 27, 2016   11 Comments on Re-Evaluate

re-evaluate: evaluate again or differently Is there something in your life that isn’t working? Is there something that’s not (or not longer) making you happy? Are you feeling stressed, sick, tired? Are you feeling lost, confused and alone? Maybe a lot of the above are hitting home or maybe only one, but chances are if there’s something there that sounds… Read more »

My 30 Before 30 List


The other week I put out a call on my Facebook for things that my friends and family wanted to do before they turned 30. When I posted this I was looking for ideas of fun things that I could work towards for the next year until I turn 30. I knew some people would probably throw out skydiving (and… Read more »

I Had A Dream

Katie   April 25, 2016   13 Comments on I Had A Dream
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I drove home this past weekend for a quick catch up with friends and family. I swear there is never enough time to see all of the people that I want to see and never enough time with each one. Never. Before the madness ensues on these weekends, I always love starting my days with a workout, specifically a run… Read more »

My 4 Favorite Natural Beauty Products


Let’s get real, I’m no beauty or fashion blogger. Unless you want to talk fitness fashion or how to wear yoga pants everyday, and then I am definitely your girl! With that said, I’m still a girl (though not a super girly one, by any means) and enjoy getting dressed up from time to time, putting on makeup or doing… Read more »

PSA: It’s Okay To Have Your Own Thoughts


Can we get a bit serious today, please? Don’t worry, not like a ‘down in the dumps’ serious, just a bit of a heart-to-heart meets vent session? You see, I have this coworker (at my second job, let’s call him Jake) who has a very clear vision of how he thinks things are “supposed” to be in life. He was… Read more »