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What I Haven’t Been Doing Lately (But Should Be)

I have to admit something’s been missing lately. Scratch that a couple somethings.


I love CrossFit and while I’ve already mentioned that I’m missing being in the box on a daily basis and working on my strength and skills, I’ve been really proud of myself lately for creating some great WODs to do either in or outside of the RV. I’ve been keeping myself active and then loving every moment I get at an event to be inside a box and lifting weights.

But there’s other things that aren’t happening…

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I went out for a run and at least a month since I did yoga.

I’m not okay with this. Yes, I’m still finding other ways to stay active but this is my meditation, this is my outlet and chance to focus back in on myself and what I need, this is my chance to recharge and think and brainstorm. I haven’t had it and I can tell.

I’m not sharing this with you all so you can tell me to put my shoes on and walk out the door.

I’m not telling you this so you tell me to roll out my mat and breathe.

This isn’t for you. It’s for me.

It’s to remind myself that I need those things, I love those things and my body craves those things. I need to stop telling myself “I’ll do it later” and instead, roll out of bed and do it NOW! Move NOW! Run NOW! Stretch NOW! Breathe NOW!

I’ll thank myself for it later. For the fact that I did it before the day got crazy and before I could make any excuses. And for the fact that I’ll feel amazing – physically AND mentally.

So…today I run. It won’t be easy. In fact, I’m sure it’ll be hard but I’m going to push through, I’m going to give it all I have and when all is said and done, I’m going to be so thankful I did it.


TOL style.

Workout With a Water Jug & Fitness Friday #2

Thank you to everyone for all of their support I received on yesterday’s post. It was definitely one that needed to be written, maybe more for myself than anything else but it felt good to get it out there.

ff2 quote

Today’s Fitness Friday quote really rings true for me. Maybe it’s my stubborn tendencies or maybe it’s my drive to make crazy ideas happen. Regardless of the reasoning, I take that with me from life to my fitness. The tougher WODs might push me to my limits but if you stand in front of me and tell me I can’t do it, you’re just going to give me more reason to prove you wrong!

FitnessFriday logo

Friday 1/2/15



Saturday 1/3/15

RV Tababta – :20 work / :10 rest

16 rounds, switching btwn:

-jumping jacks

-plank jacks

then, 16 rounds, switching btwn:

-triceps dips



Sunday 1/4/15

20 mins yoga – Heart Opening Flow

10 rounds:

-20 water jug swings

-10 water jug goblet squats

-5 water jug overhead walking lunges

cash-out: plank hold as long as possible 1:15


Monday 1/5/15

AMRAP in 17:00:

50 KB swings (25#)

40 Goblet Squats (25#)

30 Deadlifts (65#)

20 Bar-Facing Burpees

10 Power Cleans (65#)

score: 1+19 deadlifts


4 round tabata each- :20 work :10 rest

-Flutter kicks


-Plank holds


Tuesday 1/6/15



Wednesday 1/7/15

3.25 mile run


Thursday 1/8/15

3 rounds for time:

100 single unders

20 box jumps

time: 5:52

21-15-9 for time:



time: 3:06

For someone who only had 1 event this week, I’m pretty happy with my fitness! I’m definitely missing getting in 4 or 5 WODs at a CrossFit box like I was getting at home but I’m staying active and at the end of the day, that’s what counts the most!

Now it’s your turn – how were your workouts this week?

Remember, it’s not about comparison, it’s about motivation, inspiration and maybe some new ideas for workouts! (Like my water jug WOD from Sunday!)