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My Yoga Story

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Thank you all for your love and support on Monday’s post. It’s definitely been a whirlwind of emotions but I can honestly say that I’ve been taking it really well and can see the positive coming from all of it. Now, let’s lift things up a bit as I thought it would be fun to talk more about my yoga… Read more »

My Current Favorite Meditation

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I was having a rough week and definitely was not prioritizing my meditation practice or self-care in general. I sat down on my cushion and decided to do a guided meditation on this particular day. I’m closing my eyes, I’m starting to breathe and all of a sudden I hear… My strength surrounds me. Love guides me. Peace fills me…. Read more »

10 Reasons Why I Practice Yoga

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Obviously yoga has become a huge part of my life. I’ve been practicing off and on for over 8 years, and even in my moments away, I knew it was something special. It’s crazy to think we are several weeks into yoga teacher training. We have covered a lot of ground, we are getting more and more comfortable teaching each… Read more »

How to Get Started with Meditation

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I look forward to the day when I can speak to years and years of meditation practice and how it has truly transformed my life, but we at this point it has been nearly a year (if not actually a year) since I made yoga a regular activity in my life. I still work every day to keep this practice… Read more »

Yoga Teacher Training – Thoughts After Day 1

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The excitement was present all day. Today was finally the day that I would get to start yoga teacher training. Today I would finally get to start this journey. I have no idea where it will lead but today it finally starts. I got out of work early to go to a doctor’s appointment, I stopped at Target, and then… Read more »

What I Haven’t Been Doing Lately (But Should Be)

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I have to admit something’s been missing lately. Scratch that a couple somethings. I love CrossFit and while I’ve already mentioned that I’m missing being in the box on a daily basis and working on my strength and skills, I’ve been really proud of myself lately for creating some great WODs to do either in or outside of the RV…. Read more »

Workout With a Water Jug & Fitness Friday #2

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Thank you to everyone for all of their support I received on yesterday’s post. It was definitely one that needed to be written, maybe more for myself than anything else but it felt good to get it out there. Today’s Fitness Friday quote really rings true for me. Maybe it’s my stubborn tendencies or maybe it’s my drive to make… Read more »