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I have a beautiful meditation for you all today, a meditation for cultivating self-love. I know self-love can often feel a little gimmicky or over-used, but I truly believe it’s made its way into common vocabulary because it’s truly so important. Self-love helps us develop that confidence to show up in our lives, it helps us to stand taller in our truth, and it helps us to be our authentic selves every single day. 

Moral of the story, developing self-love is important because loving ourselves is important. 

And then remembering that you can be working towards your growth or bettering yourself and still love yourself as you are. It’s not a contradiction; it’s not a this OR that; it’s a this AND. We’re all going to go through periods of life where things feel a bit harder, where you’re feeling down on yourself or various aspects of your life, and maybe that self-love doesn’t feel so strong. That’s normal, but that’s also where a meditation like this one for cultivating self-love can be a really good tool to have in your back pocket. It’s here for you when you need it and even when you don’t, it’s still a beautiful practice. 

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3 thoughts on “Cultivate Self-Love Meditation – TriYoga with Katie

  1. Kim

    I need to work on this so Im saving the video for the next time I have some quiet time 🙂 . It really is so very important! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Charlotte

    What a beautiful meditation practice this is, Kate, and yes definitely something I’d like to keep in my rotation: we all need to practice more self love. ❤️

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead! Xo

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