Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner

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I have a question…

When was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat?


I get it. I’m not great about it either. I’m lucky that my studio has wipes but after I wipe it down, I roll it back up and let it sit in my car until my next class. << Probably NOT the way that’s supposed to work…

mat cleaner

I was in child’s pose one day last week when WHEW-EEE! There was a stank and I knew exactly where it was coming from: my mat.

I went home that night and started researching different cleaners for my mat and ended up coming across a few that I could make myself with very simple, clean ingredients.

With my mat rolled out on the floor in my apartment, I shook up this concoction, sprayed and wiped down my mat and then let it sit out for another hour or so to ensure it was dry and ready to roll back up.

Now I understand it would be hard to do this after EVERY class, but this is something we at least should be in the practice of doing semi-regularly to keep ourselves healthy, safe and our mat’s clean!

mat cleaner PIN

In a 4 oz glass spray bottle mix together:

Note: Use a glass bottle as I’ve heard oils can sometimes eat through a plastic spray bottle.

[EDITED TO ADD: If you have a Lululemon yoga mat, it has been brought to my attention that you should NOT use oils on your mat!]

When was the last time you cleaned YOUR yoga mat?

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25 thoughts on “Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner

  1. mary

    I actually wash mine in the washing machine and hang dry at least once a month or more often when doing hot yoga. I need to try this though and keep it in my bag for in between washings.
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  2. Charlotte

    I used to have to do this after Bikram frequently because I swear the stench after sweating profusely on your mat for 90 minutes 2x/week… well, you can imagine 🙂 I don’t bikram any more but my yoga mat has been getting funky. Great reminder–and <3 tea tree oil!
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