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When I write new meditations for you, they often come from requests, themes I’m noticing within the community or greater collective, or things I’m personally dealing with and the meditations that have helped me gain the clarification or support that I need. You could say today’s meditation falls into the latter category, but rather than it just being something I’m dealing with, it’s a meditation that was inspired by an experience in one of my meditations when I found a place of complete stillness.

It was a truly beautiful experience and something that I don’t often get to in my meditations. I had this sensation of feeling all of the energy and movement happening around me, yet I was still and at peace. While the air around me wasn’t moving, it almost felt like I was sitting outside on a windy spring day, noticing all of these things while simultaneously being completely present in the moment. The stillness of this meditation was truly powerful for me and it was something I knew I needed to share with you all. 

Whether you’re lost in the hustle and bustle of life, overwhelmed by your current circumstances, or feeling like your mind is about to take off like a rocket ship, I highly encourage you to try this meditation for stillness. I truly believe you will find this practice to be a powerfully grounding tool to have in your back pocket.

Meditation for Stillness


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