Music Monday Baking Flop!

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It’s almost Christmas; have you done your baking?


It’s almost Christmas; have you decided what to wear?

It’s almost Christmas; did you also have to go for your Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E dessert option?  No? Just me…ah shoot.

Here’s to hoping that after a little holiday Glugg, no one will know they’re made with store bought break-and-bake cookies.

Here’s to hoping the customer’s that come into the coffee shop this morning while I’m there are nice, festive and feeling a bit gracious to the poor barista’s working and spending less time at home fixing their baking issues… 😉

And because I’m doing my best to get in the holiday spirit again but falling a little short, today’s music monday is brought to you by one of my very good friends, Tina.  She put together this little White Christmas video and it’s absolutely amazing – she is so talented.  So, enjoy!

Do you have any parties today?

Any Christmas baking or cooking flops that you want to share? (Might help me feel better…)

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2 thoughts on “Music Monday Baking Flop!

  1. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    Sorry about your baking flops. I was planning on making some cookies for tonight’s family gathering, but changed my mind at the last minute & ended up buying an egg nog cream pie & some kettle corn. Hope your evening turned out well! Happy Holidays!!

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