A Heavy Heart…

“Today why don’t you love a little deeper, laugh a little louder, hold the ones you love a little tighter. Because tomorrow is never promised.”

10151128_10100148659991189_846024489_nIt’s always a tough reality. We’re suddenly reminded just how precious life is. And just how quickly it can be taken away from us.

My heart has been heavy these past two days since finding out a friend and old coworker of mine passed away. We worked together at Apple while both living in LA. I moved back home to IL and he moved back home to NJ shortly after. I was saving up to (hopefully) move back to Boston and he was saving up to travel the world.

He lived and died doing just that.

He was traveling in Cambodia and from the sounds of it, got a virus that took his life rather quickly. It went from a Facebook post about a happy bird Saturday evening, to my timeline being filled with “RIP” posts Monday morning. My heart aches for his family, but my heart also aches for the world, for losing such a great, passionate and young person.

“I promise I shall never give up, & that I’ll die yelling & laughing.”

- James Hart

You’re already so very missed, my friend.

Hug those you love a little closer today. Share your dreams with those around you. Laugh a little louder and smile a little wider when you see your friends. Stop taking shit so seriously and have fun. Leave your impact on the world.

“Snoozing is delaying life. And I’m guilty. We’re all guilty. The challenge is to not press snooze. But to wake and live as much as you can before sun down.”

-James Hart

I got it James, no snooze button today.

“We must enjoy the little things that fall into place because one thing is for sure and that is: the longer you hang around the more you realize how short this life is. Your life is yours for making. So put on your best smile and get out there.”

-James Hart

Abs in April

Work is getting busier. I consider this a good thing but it may also mean that it gets harder to post somedays. This isn’t an apology, it’s just a heads up. I love blogging but it’s a hobby and as such, I will never apologize for not posting. #sorrynotsorry (right, Amanda?)


Anyway, summer is around the corner which means bikini season is around the corner. GASP! Let’s get real, whether you’re in great shape or not, this is usually everyone’s least favorite part about summer. I’m SURE I’m not alone.


To help get me ready for this, I’m committing to bring back Plank a Day, focusing on my core more in my workouts and eating clean in the kitchen (because let’s get real, abs are made in the kitchen). I’m calling in Abs in April.

abs in aprilBelow you’ll find a chart you can print out to track your plank a day. Every Tuesday, I’ll check in with my planks for the week and see how I’m progressing. This isn’t just about feeling better about how my abs LOOK, but to make my core STRONGER. Our core carries us through our days, so it’s important to keep them strong.

April Plank Tracker

Every Thursday, I’ll share two other core workouts – maybe created by me, maybe some of my other favorites from around the web that you can incorporate into your routine.


Sound like a plan? Good.

Now get a plankin’.

Photo on 9-10-12 at 8.51 PM


Do you plank a day? 

Or better yet…WILL you plank a day?

Saving the Best for Last

I’ll be totally honest, I’m not really feeling posting today but it’s the final day of Motivation In March and I really want to finish on a high note and with one of my favorite quotes. But due to my lack of motivation today (ironic, huh?), there’s going to be no Music Monday. I’m sorry, friends!



How was your weekend? Tell me about it!

BRTR Training Week 4

1185500_10100106885722159_1297857261_n4 weeks in, my friends, 4 weeks in. It’s crazy to think that after Sunday’s long run, I’ll be considered a 1/3 of the way through the training for my half marathon. Some days I can’t believe that. Some days I can’t believe that I’ve even done one…let alone two, training for three, and flirting with the idea of a full. My body is so amazing, I just love it.


I’ve given myself some flexibility this week in terms of my training schedule (hello, it’s called life!) but really it just means instead of taking a rest day today, I took one yesterday and will be hitting the gym pretty hard this morning (probably as you’re reading this actually).


Friday 3/21
Strength – total body & abs
1.25 mile walk
Saturday 3/22
Sunday 3/23
5 mile run
25 mins YogaDownload – Heart Opening Flow #1
Monday 3/24
Strength – total body & abs (w/ Kettlebells)
 Tuesday 3/25
Jillian Michaels Shred – level 2
Wednesday 3/26
3.5 mile run
Thursday 3/27

I’m hoping for a relatively chill weekend ahead – one filled with friends, fun, good food and beautiful weather. We’re on the books for nearly 60 on Sunday which I’m hoping means I’ll be able to get in a nice run outside for the first time in way too long.



What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

How were you able to stay active this week?

5 Places to Spring Clean

Despite the fact that spring has been hiding, I’m still getting the itch to start spring cleaning. With my roommate away for Spring Break, it’s been the perfect time for me to start tackling some of those tasks on my list so I figured I should share what’s on my list…

spring clean

Kitchen – cupboards/pantry/friday/freezer…throw away any old food!

Bedroom – closet/dressers…donate clothes/shoes that I don’t wear anymore.

Bathroom – medicine cabinet/under the sink…get rid of old medicines, makeup, nail polish, de-clutter.

Garage/Basement/Closets – Go through junk boxes, bags, etc…de-clutter!

Technology – remove files, pictures, downloads, apps, other things you don’t need.


Today’s Motivation In March is kind of fitting in a way, isn’t it?

mim27Totally not on purpose…


What’s on your spring cleaning list?

Tuesday Temptations


I wanted to start today with the Motivation in March quote because it’s so powerful; I hope it really speaks to all of you, but especially if you’re in need of that little boost today.

Moving on, I thought it’d be fun to share a few things tempting me this week…


-ALL the Coffee…

Apparently Thursday-Sunday Starbucks had a free Grande Iced coffee deal…I learned this Friday morning when I decided to spend my morning working from the ‘bux. Let’s just say I preceded to also make a stop for coffee Saturday and Sunday morning…not to mention the free afternoon coffee each day. ;)



I can’t even believe I’m saying this. I also can’t even believe that I entered myself into the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. They pick names April 14th and if you’re chosen you have until the 18th to confirm your registration and pay the $185(!!) fee. I’m undecided but so far I’ve received nothing but support from people about this which makes me even MORE tempted to do it if I’m picked…uh oh.



I’m not even kidding. I need all the chocolate. This has been going on for a few weeks but definitely worsened after my trip to Tulsa (where I ate ALL the chocolate). I’m trying to get my act together again because it doesn’t make me feel very good. At least if I want to indulge I should stick with the dark chocolate variety which is more likely to be dairy-free…yeaahhhh



I tried on Saturday and thankfully (for my wallet’s sake, at least) I had no luck. Nothing was fitting the way it should and I left feeling rather discouraged but my money where it should be (in my bank account!). I thought about heading out again Sunday and hitting up a few other stores but instead stayed home to be productive. I consider this a good decision but the shopping bug is still biting…

This photo is reused from when we first moved in… ;)

This photo is reused from when we first moved in… ;)


Is that weird? But seriously, I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning my house and it felt amazing! With my roommate and her dog away for Spring Break, I wanted to start the week off with a super clean and organized house. With it just being me, it will be much easier to upkeep throughout the week and we all know I’m a happier person with a clean and organized home. Type A, much? ;)


What’s tempting you lately?

Awake on a Monday

I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words on Saturday’s post. And a special thank to those of you who shared the post to help get the word out there and continue the conversation. I appreciate you all.


I found myself sometimes wondering if I was over-reacting but at the end of the day, I had my feelings hurt (even though I KNOW that I am a strong, fit and beautiful woman) and if I could help this from happening to other women by sharing my story, then that was exactly what I needed to do. And so I did.


Anyway, 2 years ago I talked about Tycho on Music Monday and I’m excited to say I’m sharing their newest album, Awake, today. Awake was released just last week and I’m LOVING it. For me, it’s good on it’s own but it’s also killer background music for those busy afternoons at work.




If you don’t know Tycho, you should know Tycho. They’re coming through Chicago right around my birthday (I think even ON my birthday)…maybe that’s how I should celebrate? ;)


What are you listening to this weekend?

What’s motivating you for the week ahead?