I Had A Dream

Katie   April 25, 2016   13 Comments on I Had A Dream
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I drove home this past weekend for a quick catch up with friends and family. I swear there is never enough time to see all of the people that I want to see and never enough time with each one. Never. Before the madness ensues on these weekends, I always love starting my days with a workout, specifically a run… Read more »

My 4 Favorite Natural Beauty Products


Let’s get real, I’m no beauty or fashion blogger. Unless you want to talk fitness fashion or how to wear yoga pants everyday, and then I am definitely your girl! With that said, I’m still a girl (though not a super girly one, by any means) and enjoy getting dressed up from time to time, putting on makeup or doing… Read more »

PSA: It’s Okay To Have Your Own Thoughts


Can we get a bit serious today, please? Don’t worry, not like a ‘down in the dumps’ serious, just a bit of a heart-to-heart meets vent session? You see, I have this coworker (at my second job, let’s call him Jake) who has a very clear vision of how he thinks things are “supposed” to be in life. He was… Read more »

When Fitness Feels Good (+ The Workout That Felt Great)!

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Can I tell you all something? I have been listening to my body a TON and I swear it’s paying off! (Genius concept, right?) Cutting (non fruit) sugar out of my diet for the last 4 1/2 weeks and focusing even more on the workouts that my body WANTS has been even better than I can explain. There is still… Read more »

A Day In The Life – Weekend Edition


I feel like it’s not uncommon for bloggers to say “no day is ever really the same” and honestly, while it may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s interesting to get a glimpse into those days. This isn’t my first time sharing a “day in the life” style post, but since I only blog Monday-Friday, I seem… Read more »

The Most Motivational Workout Playlist


With spring here (can we just give a big THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE for the beautiful weather this weekend?! -sorry, Colorado), getting outside for a workout becomes more and more attractive. Despite a long weekend of working at my second job, the weather was just way too beautiful to pass up. My morning on Saturday was filled with errands (i.e…. Read more »

Easy & Healthy Dinners for One (or Two) – A Roundup

dinner roundup

I’m known to be a bit lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen but after a long day at the office, all I want to do is go home, throw on my sweats, and plop my butt on the couch to watch more Gilmore Girls or some other Netflix or Amazon… Read more »