The Vespers “Brothers & Sisters”

I feel like I’ve been slacking on Music Mondays lately but quite honestly, I haven’t been listening to as much music lately. While we’ve been driving it’s been a lot of podcasts and when I am listening to music it’s been a lot of the same thing (especially Mumford & Sons).

mm vespers

With that said, one song I came across a couple weeks ago and have really been enjoying is “Brothers and Sisters” by the Vespers.

I’m just loving this song and more than anything using this as a reminder for myself to check out the rest of the new album, Sisters and Brothers. Meanwhile, you should too!

Now you tell me, what are you listening to lately?

Fitness Friday #26

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Between increased stress, decreased motivation and 4 days straight of driving through Canada, my workouts aren’t where I would have liked them to be this week. With that said, I still got in a couple of really great, sweat-dripping workouts.


On top of that, I also made what I called “Road Trip Stop WODs” and would complete one round when we would stop whether that be at a rest stop or to fill up on gas. The goal was to do it every time but depending on the situation (extra crazy gas station, etc) it didn’t always happen. Regardless, I got in a few rounds each day and it made me feel better about sitting on my butt about 12 hours a day as we drove.

Friday 6/19

Road Trip Stop WOD:

20 Supermans

20 Shoulder Taps

20 Air Squats

times completed: 3


Saturday 6/20

Road Trip Stop WOD:

5 push-ups

10 supermans OR burpees

20 alternating lunges

times completed: 4


Sunday 6/21



Monday 6/22

1 mile run buyin

then, 4 rounds:

400m run

10 s2o &15#db

15 goblet squat @30#

30 sec plank hold

then, ½  mile run cash out


Tuesday 6/23



Wednesday 6/24

Event @ CrossFit Decimus

42 min AMRAP:

2 hill runs

50 KB Deadlifts (24kg)

25 DB Thrusters (20#)

400m med ball run (14#)

50 incline push-ups

25 med ball sit-ups (14#)

score: 2 + 1 hill run


Thursday 6/25


I have a lot of events coming up this next couple weeks for 50 States and I’m hoping it helps keep my motivation to workout up so when our event calendar slows down through the last half of July and early August (hello CrossFit Games and Hawaii!!) I’ll still be motivated to get some workouts done on my own.

How were your workouts this last week?

How do you stay active on long road trips?

Don’t forget to link up your week of workouts below!

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