Dancing in the Rain

Katie   August 15, 2016   15 Comments on Dancing in the Rain
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On Saturday as I was walking to the fitness center for a short workout before yoga, there was a slight drizzle but as I continued to walk it started raining harder and harder. And as it did so, the smile on my face got larger and larger and I found myself laughing and smiling and laughing and smiling. I wasn’t… Read more »

12 Books to Read (My January to June 2016 Reading List)

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While this year I decided to focus more on monthly goals, I still had in the back of my mind that I wanted to read 6-12 books over the course of the year. After struggling to actually make the time to read the last few years, this goal seemed reasonable, while still really giving me a lot to work toward…… Read more »

Sing As If No One Is Listening: My Tattoo Story

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I was thinking about something the other day…When I got my first tattoo, it was this small treble clef on my left hip; it was my daily reminder that music is a huge part of my life and that regardless of where life takes me, not to lose that escape. It may be a small tattoo but the meaning is… Read more »

Recipe: Eggplant Pizza

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I have to admit, I have been CRAVING pizza a lot lately so when I was sent back to Michigan after visiting my parents with a couple of eggplants, I knew exactly what I would be making: pizza. This was my first time making eggplant pizza and I was definitely not disappointed. It came together so easily and man, was… Read more »

Weekly Workout Schedule – Printable

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While I understand if this sounds strange to some, I am all about planning out my week of workouts ahead of time. Sure, life may get in the way or I may need to make adjustments per what my body seems to need, I enjoy being able to look at the week ahead of me and know where I can… Read more »

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

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Who else is watching the Olympics? I am! I spent most of my weekend streaming the games while working on blog stuff, cleaning my apartment, or in between errands. Since I’m just watching online, it’s been freezing quite a bit but I’m still getting my much needed Summer Olympic fix. I especially love watching swimming, gymnastics and anything running, though… Read more »

Row and Kettlebell Ladder Workout

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I was so happy to see the positive response to yesterday’s post, thank you all for your kind words; it makes me so happy to know everyone is working hard to change the thoughts in their head and push past those tough workouts not just mentally, but also physically. With keeping all of that in mind, today we’re going to… Read more »