Chaturanga Pose Breakdown & 3 Modifications

I’m going to start breaking down one pose each month to help you feel more confident in your poses and how they feel in your body. It’s only fitting to start with one of the most complex poses that shows up in nearly every vinyasa yoga class…Chaturanga. So let’s get to this chaturanga pose breakdown! Chaturanga is a far more… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude (May 2019) & Weekly Workouts #30

Did you have a good holiday weekend? Mine was SO nice! I had a couple friends come visit this weekend. They arrived late Friday night and left Sunday afternoon. We explored Grand Rapids, ate good food and coffee, walked and loved on Poncho, chatted a lot, did yoga (they took one of my classes) and took a Saturday afternoon nap… Read more »

Yoga Warm-Up 2 – TriYoga with Katie

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My warm-up class is a clear favorite and I’ve heard a few people tell me it’s become a class they’ve gone back to multiple times. And no, it’s not *just* my mom telling me this!  I’m sure you can imagine how happy this makes me to know that you’re finding that warm-up class feels really good in your bodies. With… Read more »

The Impact of the Full Moon on My Training & Weekly Workouts #29

Did anyone else have trouble waking up and/or sleeping last week? For me, it was awful. I wasn’t sleeping well, even if I went to bed at a reasonable hour and was tired, I was waking up, tossing and turning, struggling to fall back/stay asleep, and would wake up with my alarm feeling like I got only 2 hours of… Read more »

How to Feel Amazing This Summer

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When we wake up in the morning, we’re looking forward to what the day may bring. While it’s not always what we expect, there are a few things we can do to make every day feel amazing this summer, or really any time of year! The summer is such a beautiful time to focus back in on this when everyone… Read more »

4 Pose Yin Yoga – TriYoga with Katie

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Yin yoga is about getting deep into each pose. Getting into the joints and connective tissues. It’s about finding our edge, but then not going past it. It’s the perfect way to take our yoga practice and slow it back down. This is exactly what we are going to do in today’s video…a slow and juicy yin yoga practice. For… Read more »

Current Training Plan & Weekly Workouts #28

I didn’t mention it last week, but I’ve started following the Lauren Gleisberg ConfidenceKini challenge. It’s a 5-week strength training program. I’m not following it to a T necessarily, but making it work with my schedule. Her program includes 5 workouts per week but since I’m also training for a Ragnar relay run and running 3-4 days a week, I’m… Read more »