Getting to the after

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While I’m not done with the remodel yet, I’m definitely getting there.  I don’t want to leave all of you hanging as I’m sure you’re kind of anxious to see the changes, as I’ve been so excited about this.  I had the day off yesterday and spent the majority of the afternoon and early evening, building the last bookshelf and… Read more »

Japan Crisis Relief

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All we know are the images we see on the internet, on our TVs, in the paper, but none of us can truly know and understand the devastation going on in Japan right now.  It feels like with each day, we are filled with more devastating information and images.  It absolutely breaks my heart and I’m sure it does yours… Read more »

I’ll pass on the green beer this year…

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Call me crazy, but I don’t really feel like celebrating St. Patty’s day this year.  It doesn’t really feel like it.  I mean let’s be honest for a moment, I’m not a crazy partier, so it’s not like I feel like this is my night to go crazy…because it’s not.  I’ve gone out for St. Patty’s day before (and I’m… Read more »

The never ending To-Do list…

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I feel like my To-Do list is growing at an alarming rate.  And I just can’t keep up as hard as I try.  I’m sure it’s not helped by the project I decided to take on (aka my apartment makeover) but that’s being done in hopes of actually allowing me to be more productive.  And it’s coming together nicely.  Just… Read more »

Letters from Management

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A good friend of mine started a blog a few months ago called Letters from Management.    We used to live in the same building (he still lives there), and our manager, while sweet and caring, has quite the personality and is known for leaving some pretty hilarious notes and memos on our doors and around the building.  Since I… Read more »

Shop, Save Money and Donate to a Charity!

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This may seem like a silly reason to type up a post but I LOVE when Gap does this every year.  (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy).  It’s the Gap Give & Get Program.  It runs over the course of a few days, but what happens is HUGE!  You get an email for 30% off your purchase March 17-20 (dates change… Read more »

Sexism, Ageism & Raising He!!

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I’m on FIRE! Sorry people but it’s at that point! I’m having such an exhausting and frustrating day, I can’t even explain it. And really I can’t. Because some of what’s bothering me, I’m not allowed to know. I wasn’t supposed to see. But I do. So let me just say this: The fact that sexism and ageism occur so… Read more »