A Living Example

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I’ve mentioned before how I follow several blogs, including dooce.  And while I’m not here to repost everything that every other blog I read posts (because what kind of blog would that be), I do feel like I’m here to help share information with all of you.  Whether that be about health, life, food, stories, charity, or anything else my… Read more »

Fish Pose

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I love learning new poses everyday; it’s super fun and helps add in additional challenges.  The new pose today was fish pose and while not really a difficult pose, it was the first time I’d done it and needed a little guidance into what I was going for.  Once I got adjusted into exactly the right place, the release and… Read more »

Challenge is Key

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I don’t like things to be super easy; I find that boring.  I’ve always been someone who wants to be challenged.  I like taking opportunities that keep my brain engaged and constantly learning.   Yoga is the same.  Yesterday’s “restorative” flow was good but when tonight’s class came around, I was so excited for the challenge.  (And when I find… Read more »

Day 3: Rest & Restore

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In every sense of the word – restorative.Don’t get me wrong, this was still a good class and I expected it to be slower but my mind had trouble slowing down enough for it.  And just as I was finally getting to the point that I was letting go of everything and loosening up my muscles, the 90 minute class… Read more »

What I Be

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Have you ever heard of the ‘What I Be’ project by Ganesh Photography in Davis, CA?  I happened to run across it on Facebook this morning and just had to take the opportunity to share this with everyone.  They have several albums on their Facebook page and I highly recommend taking the time to check them out.  They’re absolutely beautiful… Read more »

Day 1 – Love Flow

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I can’t promise you that I’ll blog about each day’s yoga session, as I fear I’d bore you or annoy you, but I do promise I’ll do yoga each day for the next 30 days.  And if I don’t, I’ll tell you (as I better have a good reason for it!) and I’ll probably fill you in on a few… Read more »

Just Stand Up!

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The lyrics posted below are for “Just Stand Up”, a collaboration between Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Fergie, Mary J Blige, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Keyshia Cole, LeAnn Rimes, Natasha Bedingfield and I might be missing a few.  But whether you like each of these artists individually or not, the song is beautiful and the meaning behind it is… Read more »