Tree Climbing!

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Would you believe I’ve never climbed a tree before?  It’s true.  I mean, aside from climbing a ladder attached to a tree to get into a treehouse, of course.  Well today turned out to be the day that this would change… I picked up Tracey and Laura at the airport this morning, followed by an immediate trip to the ever… Read more »

I Flushed

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Did I catch your attention?  😉 I wish I could say I was filling you with good news, but sadly I’m not.  My poor little fish passed away yesterday afternoon.  I cleaned his bowl and while I didn’t do anything different than normal, I’m wondering if something wasn’t up to his needs that affected him yesterday more than any other day…. Read more »

Our Deepest Fear

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After this afternoon’s tweet:  why is it that positive potential and opportunities can be so overwhelming? breathing through it…(or trying to) I was told to look up this quote.  So I did.  Below is the quote in full plus a cool animation video for it.  The quote is originally by Marianna Williamson but after some research, it appears it’s been… Read more »

Foodie for a Day

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What a fun week to be a foodie!  My friend Justine had one of her Westside Breakfast Club brunches on Sunday.  She made her ever famous egg bake and everyone else brought lots of fun things, including tons of fruit!  I brought a container of freshly cut oranges from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market with lots of cherries.  (I bought… Read more »

Dear 16 Year-Old Me

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…well at least for this evening. I had a bit of a rough day.  I had hopes for a good day and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t particularly good either and was full of tears (I told you I was a crier!). I had to be at work at 7 this morning for something and the plan was to… Read more »

Post Challenge Breakthrough #1: Time Spent Alone

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I spend a lot of time alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my time to myself.  I’m very much an independent person and crave time away from people, to sit in the comfort of my own home in my pajamas and be left alone.  But at the same time, sometimes it gets to be too much time alone, too… Read more »