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and no, I don’t mean these kinds… I mean G.H.O.S.T.S. : Gray Haired Over-Stressed Twenty-Somethings Have you ever heard of this before?  While driving into work this morning they were talking about it on the radio.  Being a rather overly-stressed twenty-something who has found gray hairs amongst her dyed locks, I think they’re onto something.  I know a lot of… Read more »

Foodie for a Day

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It’s that time of the week again people.  Though I have to admit, I didn’t feel like much of a foodie today.  While I’ve been waiting to tell you about my new sandwich combo, I had to remind myself all day today to take pictures of my food and my dinner combo wasn’t as amazing as I planned it to… Read more »


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A coworker of mine writes a blog called Ego-Vegan Gal.  She writes about all sorts of ways to live a healthy, green and vegan lifestyle.  Today she posted this video on Facebook.  I loved it so much that I had to share! Meditation is something that is new for me.  I don’t do it very often as it’s something that… Read more »

A Random Assortment of Information

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Aries Horoscope for Tuesday 4.12.11 via Yahoo Shine: You’re about to be on the receiving end of some really wild news — all of it positive. Expect the word to arrive from a higher-up you weren’t sure had ever noticed you, and to be amazed to discover that you definitely haven’t been ignored. Once that news sinks in, you may… Read more »

Melanie Fiona

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An old friend of mine from the dorms in college posted this on her Facebook the other day with comments raving about it.  She is someone who I remembered having pretty good tastes in music so I trusted that if I started watching it, chances were I’d at least kind of enjoy it.  My response?  HOW had I not heard… Read more »

Cupcake Photo Shoot

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I had a cupcake photo shoot last yesterday.  It was kind of awesome.  The cupcakes that I got from the Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica were so delicious, I couldn’t help myself.  This is when the “foodie” in me can’t help myself.  I thought you all may enjoy the pictures and delicious cupcakes too! I got three different flavors:… Read more »

What a birthday…

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I love birthdays.  I love how you can be completely selfish and no one cares.  I love fun and beautiful cards.  I love having that one day a year where you’re the center of attention.  I love the fun emails and post cards from stores and companies.  I love the ability to spend the day however you want – at… Read more »