I Should Be Sleeping

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For the girl who is starting work at midnight, I should really be sleeping right now…Come about 4/4:30 ish I tried to sleep and went in and out for a couple hours.  That’s when I decided to wake up, have a green smoothie and allow myself to fall asleep watching a movie.   That didn’t happen. Blog reading is rather… Read more »

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

To my surprise, I’ve been enjoying the new addition of Twitter into my life.  I’ve realized it’s not the “I just ate dinner,” “I need to pee,” “I’m typing as I type this” kind of thing that I thought it was before joining.  There is actually a point to it.  There is an ability to spread a word, a point. … Read more »

My Announcement!

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I have been trying to hold this secret in for as long as I possibly could but the excitement is just building up inside of me too much and I can’t wait to share! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile but haven’t really been able to push the thought away.  My initial instinct was this thought was my… Read more »

Forks Over Knives

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With today being a “foodie” day, I figured it’s also a good day to share the trailer for “Forks Over Knives.”  I haven’t seen the full length feature and I’ll admit part of me is afraid, while another part is highly intrigued. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 15 (9 years ago…wow! I feel old again), and I’ve never once… Read more »

Foodie For a Day – Snacks

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Snacks are the kinds of things that bring people down.  You can spend your entire day eating well, but when you get a little hungry between meals what you grab for can make or break your day. I’ve never been someone to choose salty foods very often, but sweets are my weakness.  I do enjoy chips on occasion but I… Read more »

Proof You Don’t Need (a lot of) Gray Hair to Feel Old:

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My sister shared this earlier today and I just had to share it with everyone else because at 24 years, it definitely made me feel old.  40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old It’s actually interesting that Bethany shared this today because just the other day “Zack Morris” aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar came into my Apple store.  One of my… Read more »

Enough said.

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