I Run For Life

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Today I find myself staring at a blank page trying to decide exactly what I want write about.  While I have quite a few ideas rushing around my brain, I can’t seem to stop and focus on one long enough to actually think it through before it rushes away.  It’s weird. I always say I want to run a 5k… Read more »


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I really dislike going to the doctor.  I actually hate it so much that I put it off as much as possible.  And then there are times that I feel like I’ve put it off long enough and break down and just go.  I think the problem is that I never leave feeling fulfilled with the help that I was… Read more »

Over Reaction

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What a day. Thankfully my day at work wasn’t that bad, it was stressful at times but overall it wasn’t terrible and the things I needed to do got done and I stayed positive despite everything. Until I got home that is.That’s because I checked my mail only to find a fun letter from building management about increasing my rent…. Read more »

Earth Day 2011

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Happy Earth Day Party People! While I find living a healthy lifestyle to also include being generally environmentally conscious, I’m not anyone who runs around preaching their “green” habits or forcing others to be green.  We all have our own ways of doing things and while I think some people need to be more aware of the footprint they are… Read more »

Starbucks & Earth Day

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What’s going on?!

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I feel like I’m having a really strange week.  Like my whole “self” feels off.  I’m not sure what’s going on but I have to tell you, I don’t like this.  It’s like cranky keeps coming by and lingering for awhile, disappears and then comes back.  So annoying. I don’t think allowing my schedule to be adjusted so much is… Read more »

Foodie for a Day Wednesday

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Todays version of me pretending I’m a foodie features the birthday present from my parents: my new red food processor! Today I finally decided to open up the food processor and take it out of the box.  This is when I found out it was red.  Can you believe that?  I didn’t actually open the box!  I was saving it… Read more »