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I like finding out when people read my blog.  And I like when they tell me how much they enjoy reading it.  It helps give me a reason to write each day.  Knowing that people are waiting and expecting new entries.  It’s also a little weird though.  And I’m not exactly sure why because I write here knowing and wanting… Read more »


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From Yahoo Shine Astrology.  Aries: Who says you have to be in charge of every day of your life? Let go just for today. If you keep reaching for more people, places or things, you won’t ever get enough time to enjoy what you have earned so far. Today is about taking time to establish things — grow relationships and… Read more »

Swing Set

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I was just running through pictures in my iPhoto library and ran across these from the last moments of the swing set I grew up on.  My dad made it when we moved into our house and just about 3 years ago, we decided there was no need for it to stay up taking up space in the back yard…. Read more »

It Gets Better

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I love the company that I work for.  Is it perfect? No, but no company or person is and that’s okay.  But if you walked into a room of Apple employees and asked each of them what is their favorite part of working for Apple, I guarantee the majority of the room will say “our people.”  And that is exactly… Read more »


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I don’t even remember how this started yesterday, but I ended up finding myself googling about yoga tshirts after (somehow) running across this one: I really like this shirt! Is that not the greatest thing ever? It just lead me to this whole search and new obsession with yoga related tshirts.  I think I need to get myself one.  My… Read more »


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and no, I don’t mean these kinds… I mean G.H.O.S.T.S. : Gray Haired Over-Stressed Twenty-Somethings Have you ever heard of this before?  While driving into work this morning they were talking about it on the radio.  Being a rather overly-stressed twenty-something who has found gray hairs amongst her dyed locks, I think they’re onto something.  I know a lot of… Read more »

Foodie for a Day

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It’s that time of the week again people.  Though I have to admit, I didn’t feel like much of a foodie today.  While I’ve been waiting to tell you about my new sandwich combo, I had to remind myself all day today to take pictures of my food and my dinner combo wasn’t as amazing as I planned it to… Read more »