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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but I don’t really consider myself someone who is the most stylish person.  I enjoy shopping but I’m relatively cheap and often can’t justify spending money on a trend that will only last a month or two and often feel like I look funny in them anyway.  (Let’s be honest, that… Read more »

Take Off Your Shoes!!

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Do you know what day today is?  More like, do you remember what day today is?  A few weeks ago I was talking about how much I love TOMS shoes and the work the company does.  Well I also mentioned how Tuesday, April 5th was the “One Day Without Shoes” Event – that’s TODAY!  (   I love this event… Read more »

cough cough…oww

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So while I slept 14 hours the other evening, I still seem to have a pretty awesome cough and sore throat.  I have a feeling all of the sleep I got kept this little illness from getting worse (pat on the back for being responsible and sleeping instead of going out) but I’m still coughing, having asthma trouble because of… Read more »

14 hours later….

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I woke up yesterday with a stiff back and by mid afternoon a headache turned into complete dysfunctional exhaustion.  It was rather strange but I knew that meant I needed to stay in last night and relax.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I came home and decided to take a nap, only to wake up 4 hours later on… Read more »

Broken. Beautiful.

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I saw this video originally posted on a blog that I read on a fairly regular basis ( and was blown away.  When presenting this video, the blogger stated you should have a tissue ready.  I couldn’t agree more.  There is so much emotion in this short 4 minute video.  No words are ever spoken, but the music and imagery… Read more »


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This could not wait!   Let me start by saying I had an awesome night with a couple of friends.  We went down to First Fridays on Abbot Kinney in Venice which was a lot of fun.  We started by getting coffee at Intelligentsia (sissy – we HAVE to go here when you come, you’d love it!), then got cake… Read more »

Love at first step…

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I couldn’t wait to share my excitement!!  After spending my morning on the Mizuno website, I was so excited that I had to drive down to The Starting Line this afternoon.  I had already planned to hit the gym and since it was just a little bit further, I decided to stop there first and hit the gym on the… Read more »