To Move Or Not To Move

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…now that is the question! No, really, it is.  I was sure I was going to move at the end of my lease but that was due to a poor relationship with the building management.  Or so I thought.  It wasn’t until I emailed them last week to confirm the end date on my lease and find out above move… Read more »


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It’s amazing just how productive you can be when you suddenly realize (and feel bad for) just how unproductive you have been, especially when you had a decent amount of time to get things done.  Did this happen to me tonight, you ask?…maybe.  🙂Good night.

Taking Back My Twenties

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Ever had that feeling where you just don’t feel like you’re yourself? I mean stop for a minute and think about it.  I know I’m 23, I’m still young. I’m still supposed to be figuring out who I am and what I want out of my life. I have always been the girl who rushed to grow up. I didn’t… Read more »

I Have a Confession

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Before I get to my confession, I want to tell you about the DELICIOUS banana bread I made this afternoon.  It’s vegan (aka dairy free for me!) and based off this recipe I found: I had a few bananas I needed to eat as they were ripening quickly and my frozen banana stash is pretty stocked so I wanted… Read more »

Blogging While Perched

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As I type this I am currently perched on a stationary bike at the gym. Using the best of my time – got a problem with that? Deal with it. 🙂 I had hoped for more of a workout today but unfortunately I’m not sure my body is going to be able to handle it as my lower back and… Read more »


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Glad to be back!  Now that I seem to be on the road to recovery from my never-ending plague, I hope to actually get back to my normal blogging routine.  Just when I thought I was recovering from my sinus infection, I seem to have developed a stomach bug.  It was awful.  I was unable to eat for 2-3 days,… Read more »

A Photo of You Today + 3 Good Things from the last 30 days – Day 30

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Well unfortunately, each moment I feel like I could be getting over whatever this is, something new tends to pop up.  Yesterday I couldn’t eat breakfast but come lunch time, while I wasn’t really hungry, I was able to eat some veggie soup and a little bread from Panera.  This morning I made my usual breakfast of toast with peanut… Read more »