Quite the 180

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I’ve been on this earth for 23 years and yet it STILL surprises me that one day you could be filled with joy and hope and the next day, you’re hiding in the electrical closet at work trying to hide your tears because you’re feeling so overwhelmed with life.  I mean, really?!  How is that okay?  (And no, I don’t… Read more »

Bucket List

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What a beautifully productive and relaxing day.  Aside from the not very tasty (ended up down the drain) dinner I made for myself, it was a really great day.  I would have loved to spend some time with friends but as the day progressed and I continued to map it out in my head, I didn’t think I had time. … Read more »

Yes, I’m a Work-a-holic

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Is it bad that after 3 months of blogging, I’m already ready for my blog to look different? I like the background and all but I think I’m ready for a change.  My Karma Music blog is undergoing change.  Not in the look, because I still like that, but it’s basically starting from scratch – first entry was removed.  I… Read more »

Cards, Apps and Yoga

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Let me tell you something that just MADE my day yesterday!  I worked 1-10, which felt like the longest night of my life.  But then I went out for a bit to celebrate a coworkers birthday.  It was fun and I stayed a little bit longer than I planned on, but that was fine, it just made for a difficult… Read more »


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Sleep through first alarm.Hit snooze on the second alarm a few times.Crawl out of bed.Change.Eat 1/2 a banana with a little peanut butter.Head to the gym for a good hour or so workout.Come home.Eat breakfast:– 2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter + the second 1/2 of banana– 1 or 2 cups coffee with warmed up soy milkTake shower… Read more »

The arrival of the TOMS, a rant, and dealing with ambiguity…

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To my fellow Apple co-workers who may read this, I’m sorry but I needed to use “dealing with ambiguity” for this…next time you hear me say it, I’ll be at work using more of our ‘Apple’ talk…. I’m so excited because my purchases from TOMS came in yesterday!  It was such a fun surprise that they came so quickly and… Read more »

Feel Good Vibes

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I write this post as I lay in bed at 8:30PM on Sunday evening with the intent for this to post Monday morning and having just finished a nice 20 minute yoga session lit only by two vanilla scented candles in my dark abode.  I’m trying to create a relaxing environment for myself while the world outside my door floods,… Read more »