Back at 4…

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What a day!  I don’t want to call it a bad day either because it definitely wasn’t that but it did have some roller coaster moments for sure.  After having an amazing run this morning, Heather called for some company on a bike ride.  I don’t have a bike but Blayne has a bike he’s trying to get rid of… Read more »

Turning 24 has never felt so OLD

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Maret:  Katie, you’d be so proud of me! I went to the gym yesterday! Me: Yeah? Maret: Yeah, and I’m never going back! Heather: Wait, how old are you? Maret: 24… Heather: oooohh….ohhh….uhhh…just you wait!  24 is the age when your metabolism starts slowing down.  I used to be your size, then I turned 24…. EXCUSE ME?!?!  Since when is… Read more »

All Women Are Princesses. It Is Our Right.

I’m on a stint of watching movies from my childhood.  And I don’t mean old cartoon-based Disney movies, I mean movies like ‘Little Women’ and ‘A Little Princess.’  Movies that have some full fledged cheese moments but take me back to the days when I didn’t have to worry about having enough money to cover rent, cell phone bills, and… Read more »

Introducing Foodie For A Day

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I read several blogs, many of which are food blogs.  Now, I don’t consider myself much of a foodie though I do enjoy cooking on occasion and trying new things but I do find that many food blogs catch (& maintain) my attention.  Most of these blogs that I find myself reading consistently are about more than just food, but… Read more »


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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but I don’t really consider myself someone who is the most stylish person.  I enjoy shopping but I’m relatively cheap and often can’t justify spending money on a trend that will only last a month or two and often feel like I look funny in them anyway.  (Let’s be honest, that… Read more »

Take Off Your Shoes!!

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Do you know what day today is?  More like, do you remember what day today is?  A few weeks ago I was talking about how much I love TOMS shoes and the work the company does.  Well I also mentioned how Tuesday, April 5th was the “One Day Without Shoes” Event – that’s TODAY!  (   I love this event… Read more »

cough cough…oww

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So while I slept 14 hours the other evening, I still seem to have a pretty awesome cough and sore throat.  I have a feeling all of the sleep I got kept this little illness from getting worse (pat on the back for being responsible and sleeping instead of going out) but I’m still coughing, having asthma trouble because of… Read more »