A Photo of You Taken Over 10 Years Ago – Day 28

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How about a photo taken over 20 years ago?  Sometimes it scares me that that is even possible.  I mean seriously? I’m old enough for those kinds of pictures to even exist?  Scary… I don’t have too many photos of me when I was little, at least on my computer or out here with me, so I really only had… Read more »

A Recipe – Day 27

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This is a fun post for me as I really enjoy cooking.  It’s not something I do as often as I would like but I love to try new recipes, as long as they work out that is. 🙂 I often pull out recipes from magazines, though I don’t often remember to try them.  A couple years ago I decided… Read more »

A Photo of Somewhere You’ve Been – Day 26

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This would be the perfect day for me to post pictures from the trip to Paris with my family, but I’ve shown a few of those before and I’m thinking this will make a better story.   Have you ever been to Beaver City, Utah?  Population 2, 511.  Birthplace of Butch Cassidy. Well I have.  And I’m sure you have… Read more »

What’s in Your Purse – Day 25

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Adorable purse by the way – thank you very much TJ Maxx! 🙂 I’m constantly on the search for new bags – it’s my retail weak point.  Some girls have shoes, I have bags.  Though let’s be honest, I’ve bought a few new pairs of shoes lately that has me wondering if shoes are going to be added to my… Read more »

A Photo of Something That Means a lot to You – Day 24

This is very similar to a post from the other day about things that make me happy, generally they go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, you can’t capture everything that means a lot to you as they aren’t items but rather feelings.  But for the sake of this post, here are a few items that mean a lot to me: -A… Read more »

A Moment You Wish You Could Relive – Day 23

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I’m stumped.  Is that bad?  It’s not that there aren’t moments I want to relive, because I have some great memories that I would love to relive but at the same time, if we relive those moments over again, are they really as special the second time?  That’s my fear.  Instead I look forward to creating new memories that I’ll… Read more »

A Letter to Someone Who Has Hurt You Recently – Day 22

Is it ironic to anyone else that this topic comes up on Valentine’s Day?  The day that is supposed to be full of love.  I don’t enjoy this holiday, whether I’m single or not but this is a difficult topic for me.  Is a few years ago considered recent enough?  Or could this be just a couple months?  I’ve been… Read more »