A Word of Advice…

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Dear People of the World, Here is a word to the wise:  Just because you know or meet someone who works at Apple, does NOT give you the right to ask us for a discount.  If you’re family or close friends, then yes, you probably can expect we would love to give you a discount and will probably offer one… Read more »

What’s the difference between Facebook and a MacBook? …and it’s a sad day

“Hey lady!! Hey lady! What’s the difference between Facebook and a MacBook?” That’s the question I got yesterday from this adorable older lady at work.  It was one of those questions that you couldn’t do anything but giggle inside as you help her understand.  When I finished helping her, I went over to one of my managers and told him. … Read more »

There’s a birthday…

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Nope, it’s not mine.  Today it’s my sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday sissy!! Here is a picture of us from her going away party before leaving for Africa a few years ago, our sleep deprived airport picture before the plane took off, and then one of us on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris a couple years ago. Happy… Read more »

A Day of Food

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While I don’t intend on making this blog strictly a food blog, I am a bit of a foodie and love to read food blogs so I thought documenting a day of food would be fun.  I have to say it was fun, but it’s also a different mind set (remembering to take a picture before you eat) and sometimes a… Read more »

I manage bands.

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When you work in retail and misc customer service jobs, you meet so many different kinds of people in different professions.  Living in LA, many of these people tend to work  in the arts and entertainment (in some way or another OR they know someone who does).  It can be awesome but also really overwhelming.  When I meet new people… Read more »

12 year old creep…now, pass me a glass of wine!

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So one of the reasons I started this blog was because of all the random things that seem to happen to me, especially working in customer service.  After a week long stint of some sort of weird interaction (with the male counterpart) either at work or at the gym, I got an idea that writing a book full of all… Read more »

Networking Events…

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I don’t really like networking events.  Trouble is, I’m in an industry where networking is KEY and it’s all about relationships and who you know.  When I meet people one on one, I do pretty well and I enjoy it more.  Put me in a room where I don’t know a bunch of people and I feel like I’m back… Read more »