Karma Music Blog!!

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Geeking Out, Solutions, & Compromise

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I think I have a solution… Is it ideal?  No.  But will it work given my current circumstances?  Quite possibly.  After the severe frustration I was feel last night, post apartment hunting, I knew I needed to figure something out.  And quick.  I either needed to figure out a way to make my current situation work for me OR I… Read more »

F is for Frustrated & Fail

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Yep, that’s how my day went.  Well more like how my apartment hunting went.  I started my day feeling a little lazy and not wanting to dive into the world of apartment hunting because I knew there was a chance it would leave me feel frustrated but I was also feeling optimistic because I had a list of places to… Read more »


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I am someone who has spent a good portion of my life working for self improvement, and not that this is necessarily bad but it can be at times.  I enjoy being in control of a situation and when life presents me with situations that I can’t control, I sometimes don’t know how to respond reasonably.  This is something I’m… Read more »

Breaking and entering is not my forte

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I sent my managers an email 5 minutes ago and included that exact statement.  I won’t lie.  I tried to break into my apartment building tonight.  You would have too if you were me. Let me set the stage: It’s after 1AM.  I’m just getting home from work and grabbing a drink and hanging out with some coworkers.  I know… Read more »

To Move Or Not To Move

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…now that is the question! No, really, it is.  I was sure I was going to move at the end of my lease but that was due to a poor relationship with the building management.  Or so I thought.  It wasn’t until I emailed them last week to confirm the end date on my lease and find out above move… Read more »


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It’s amazing just how productive you can be when you suddenly realize (and feel bad for) just how unproductive you have been, especially when you had a decent amount of time to get things done.  Did this happen to me tonight, you ask?…maybe.  🙂Good night.