A Picture of You from 2 Years Ago – Day 5

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Well this is an easy one…“A picture of You from 2 Years Ago” This picture is from the trip my family and I went on 2 years ago to Paris, France.  My sister was in the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa and this was going to be the first holiday we weren’t all together.  My parents decided that it would… Read more »

Your Favorite Photograph of your Best Friend – Day 4

I’m not sure if this is my favorite photograph of Tracey, as she’s super fun and there are many pictures in this world that display her awesomeness, but this is one of my favorite photographs of the two of us.  Please note this picture is nearly 6 years old (can this be right?!)  We were seniors in high school and… Read more »

Your Idea of the Perfect First Date – Day 3

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Today’s Topic is: Your Idea of the Perfect First Date This is kind of a difficult one, kind of not.  When you think of a “perfect” date, your brain automatically goes to imagining some kind of romantic night but that’s not how a first date will (or necessarily should) happen.  A first date should consist of plenty of time to… Read more »

A Photo of Something You Ate Today – Day 2

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Day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge: A photo of something you ate today Well breakfast this morning consisted of the usual coffee with warmed soy milk but since I’ve been craving pancakes for DAYS (weeks?), I decided today was the perfect day to finally fulfill my craving. I made Kodiak cakes – a whole wheat pancake mix (just… Read more »

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1 – Five Strange Facts

I’ve really been enjoying writing this blog every day and while I haven’t been short of something to say (so far!), I decided I wanted to try a 30 day writing challenge to help me stay full of topics and really making blogging a daily habit.  I found a couple challenges online and merged parts of them to create my… Read more »

5 Things Worth Admitting…

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I’m at the gym this morning reading ‘Real Simple’ while on the elliptical and there is an article titled “5 things worth admitting to.”  Because I’m sure you’re curious this is the list: You don’t have all the answers. You spent a small fortune on yourself. Your house is usually a disaster. You’re tired of hearing about it. Everything. And… Read more »

Fortune Cookie…

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Consider this my Saturday post that was just a little bit late: Yesterday (Friday) in my anticipation and excitement, a manager of mine pulled me out of the store and handed me a fortune from inside a fortune cookie.  This is what it read: “Tomorrow will be your best day of the week.  Act accordingly.”  Let’s just watch my anticipation… Read more »