5 Outdoor Running Safety Tips

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Before I get to our outdoor running safety tips, I want to talk about something…one of the things I’ve been hearing a lot about in the blogging world is making new use out of old content. Especially with as long as I’ve been blogging, there are YEARS of posts hidden within these virtual walls that many have never seen. For… Read more »

Yoga Balance 2 (No Chatturanga) – TriYoga with Katie

Fridays are really becoming one of my favorite days of the week (if they weren’t already). I love being able to share a new yoga or meditation class with you all and I’m busy brainstorming new ideas for future videos but if there’s anything that you all would like to see from me, be sure to leave your requests in… Read more »

Weekly Workouts #27

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I took the last month off from sharing these Weekly Workout posts. I wasn’t sure they were actually providing much value to anyone, so why share if they were just for me? But then, I found that I missed having these check-ins; I missed the accountability they brought for me, even as someone who works out because she enjoys it…. Read more »

The ONE Thing You Actually Need to Meditate

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of meditation. I added it to my life a few years ago and it is now an absolute MUST for me every single day. When my practice isn’t consistent, I FEEL it, and when it is, I feel that too but in a good way.  There are so many misconceptions when it… Read more »

Breath Awareness Meditation – TriYoga with Katie

Our breath is a powerhouse; it’s our life force; it’s the catalyst that keeps us moving forward. Our breath is also a way in which we are able to build or reduce energy. I love trying various breathing techniques depending on the yoga class that I’m teaching, but we can also use our breath as our point of focus during… Read more »

May 2019 Goals

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It’s hard to believe it’s already May, but also, I’m totally okay with it. The year is going by pretty quickly for me and while that’s terrifying in some ways, I’m also totally okay with it in others. To be honest, since everyone says that time heals, I’m hoping the quicker time goes, the quicker I’ll heal..that’s how it works,… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude – April 2019

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While it’s been a quieter month around here, I do hope/plan to get back into more writing and posting come May. I don’t want to commit to anything too set in stone as I feel changes looming around the corner but the intention is there. Really, I’m hoping to start scheduling a writing date for myself every week or at… Read more »