Learning to Love Your Body for Women’s Health and Fitness – Weekly Workout #33

On my Instagram today I’m sharing a story about a woman who came into Lole over the weekend, but I think it’s so important because it really brings up the idea of women’s health and fitness that I wanted to talk about again here for our Weekly Workout post. This woman was coming in because she wanted to return an… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude – June 2019

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June is almost over and while there were so many wonderful things this month, I have to be honest that I’m kind of happy to see it come to an end. This was one of those months where I admittedly totally overbooked myself. I had to board Poncho 4 weekends in a row (the 4th was just for one evening… Read more »

Slow Flow – TriYoga with Katie

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Today is a super special day in my world – it’s International Yoga Day! Since I love yoga so much it’s only fitting that we celebrate with a new yoga class. For the moment being, we’ll forget that we celebrate every Friday with a new TriYoga class… 😉 It’s also the summer solstice and while the weather in Michigan has… Read more »

Marathon Mindset & Weekly Workouts #33

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And just like that, not only is week 1 of Chicago Marathon training under my belt, I also completed the Ragnar Relay Michigan trail run last weekend! Wahoo! We were a team of 8 women who admittedly under-estimated the hills and toll that 16 miles of trail running would take, but we persevered and pushed through despite it all. And… Read more »

Creating a Tribe for Positive Thinking

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I am a huge believer in the power of positivity, in working to remain in a space of optimism and not allowing negativity to bring us down. But I also understand that we’re all fighting our own battles. It’s easy to forget that when we’re going through something and social media gives us that feeling like we are the only… Read more »

Quick 6 Pose Post-Run Yoga Flow – TriYoga with Katie

While I hated it growing up, I can’t deny that I have come to love running. I love the way it has pushed my body in some of the most beautiful ways. It’s challenging yet meditative, and I just love it. With that said and despite my knowing better, I’m not great about taking a few minutes after my run… Read more »

Start Chicago Marathon Training & Weekly Workouts #32

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but this past Sunday started my 18 weeks of marathon training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon! Where did that come from?! This upcoming weekend is also my first Ragnar team relay run! What a freaking week, right? There are definitely some mixed emotions over here this week…excitement, overwhelm, nerves, inspiration, etc. I received my… Read more »