Plank Pose Breakdown – TriYoga with Katie

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Plank Pose. We all know it, and it seems simple, right? While it’s a basic pose in yoga, it is also a great overall strength movement we see often in other forms of exercise. To many of you, it may seem funny to take the time to breakdown plank pose but it’s used so often and it’s so often not done correctly. As I look around the room of my yoga classes, I’m often tempted to push booties down or lift hips higher as that is one of the biggest inaccuracies in this posture, but there are so many other things happening within your plank. 

A plank is a total body exercise and when you’re really focusing on all of the intricacies, you’re going to really notice your whole body working and gain all of the amazing strength benefits. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Plank Pose Breakdown

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Disclaimer: I fully believe in the power of yoga and it’s benefits but as with any exercise, please consult your health care professional with any questions or concerns before starting an exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. The creators of this video are not liable for any injury, accident, or health impairment by participating in this video.

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