Pre-Flight Yoga Flow – TriYoga with Katie

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Where are my fellow travelers at? As much as I love to travel, there’s no doubt that sitting at the airport and on the plane, is probably the worst part of the entire trip. I always love to keep my body moving as much as possible prior to boarding. Sometimes that means walking laps around the airport if my bags aren’t too heavy to drag around with me, and other times that means getting in a short little stretch and flow. That’s exactly what I have for you today: the perfect quick pre-flight yoga flow!

This flow is only about 5 minutes long so it’s perfect to fit between grabbing your coffee and using the restroom, all before stepping foot on the plane. If you carry a travel mat with you, you can obviously grab that for this practice, but we’re not going to be laying down or putting our faces too close to the carpet. This pre-flight yoga flow is really the perfect quick shake out.

Pre-Flight Yoga Flow


Need more yoga? Try this lovely slow flow.

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Disclaimer: I fully believe in the power of yoga and it’s benefits but as with any exercise, please consult your health care professional with any questions or concerns before starting an exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. The creators of this video are not liable for any injury, accident, or health impairment by participating in this video.

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