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You all know how much I love meditation, but I also know that it can feel intimidated to get started on your own. It’s easy to get down on yourself when your mind begins to wander and you struggle to quiet that monkey mind. I totally get it. We all have those days, but that is where guided meditations really come into play and can be a great resource for you. On the first Friday of each month, I share a new guided meditation just to help support your practice. With that said, today’s meditation is a Present Moment Meditation.

Just as it sounds, a present moment meditation focuses our attention on this present moment. We’ll tap into all five of our senses, focusing on one at a time. While I often have a little music playing behind our meditations, tonight there isn’t any music as I want you to really be able to listen to all of the other sounds around you. 

This is a beautiful meditation that you can do anytime and is a great way to bring a little presence, peace, and stillness to your day. One thing that I really enjoy about this meditation is the way it brings about a sense of ease and tenderness to each sense. When you can really focus just on that one sense and let the others step back, that one sense becomes heightened in a really beautiful way.


I can’t wait to hear how this meditation goes for you, so please be sure to let me know in the comments below. Also, if there’s something that you’re working on and would like a meditation to help support you through that, I offer one-on-one meditation coaching and would love to chat with you about it more!

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This guided Present Moment meditation focuses on each of the 5 senses one at a time.

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