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An alarm that went off at 5am. A 10 hour round-trip car drive. 4 “official” stops for gas. 2 friends waiting for your arrival. A low-key weekend with said friends – Priceless. I left bright and early Saturday morning for Iowa.  The plan was to stay at Calee’s place in Ames and Amanda and I to drive there with an… Read more »

First Run of 2013!

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I hope everyone’s having a great new year and if you’re a resolution maker, still hanging on strong!  I have to be honest, I hate the gym in January because it is just PACKED with people.  I love everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm for leading a healthy life, I just wish they’d go to the gym at times when I’m not… Read more »

Fitness Friday 12/28

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That day off I had today; gone.  That movie I had planned to see last night; didn’t happen.  But the additional hours at work I needed; received.  I just can’t go to an after 9pm movie and make it to work to open the next morning.  And since some coworkers are sick, gotta help out.  We call that karma.  … Read more »

Fitness Friday Story Time

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  I have a fun story for you all today because really, who doesn’t love a good story? 😉   You see I spent the majority of my weekend pushing off my “long run” or rather, trying to find the right day to do it.  After having zero motivation to run on Monday (and a few other things), I decided… Read more »

Workout: Maximize Your Time

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I swear I’m not sick of Ben Howard yet and might be listening to it more than Christmas music right now.  But I promise I’m getting my fair share at work so I think it’s okay.   I know we’re all busy so I wanted to share a nice short treadmill workout that will leave you sweaty.  All you need… Read more »

Fitness Friday – It’s For YOU!

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Happy Fitness Friday all you lovely people!  I’ve had a great week but I realized yesterday that I do need to pickup my Burpee count if I’m going to complete Courtney’s 2012 Closeout.  I knew it would be a challenge but I’m still determined to give it my all.  I’ll have to work out a plan and I think that’s… Read more »

Fitness Friday!

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I love Fridays!  I mean don’t we all?  But I love Fridays because I love Fitness Friday! I love this healthy living community and I love creating a place that we can come together and motivate each other to stay healthy and fit.  I hope you all join in, if not this week, some time soon. 😉 I had a… Read more »