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A Love Letter to Myself

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I may not have a Valentine (aww) but there’s no reason why I can’t be my own. Sometimes it’s hard to remind ourselves of our own beauty, and as I was finding myself participating in some negative self talk yesterday, I decided to take today, this day of love, to focus on sending love to myself. Other ways that I’ve… Read more »

Weekly Workout Wrap-up + Winner

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Say that four times fast… You wouldn’t know it from looking at my workouts this past week but it’s been a rough workout week. Not in the way of actually GETTING to the gym and GETTING the workout in, but where I am mentally when I’m there. I struggled through a mile run yesterday morning which isn’t like me. Sometimes… Read more »

Planning to Get Muddy!

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Happy Friday, friends!    I’m feeling particularly excited today, and it’s not because I’ll be spending my morning sitting at/working from the VW dealership while my car gets it’s 40,000 mile check-up. Oh Betty, she’s growing up so fast! 😉 But really, I am excited for today. I’ve got a show to go to tonight, an awesome campaign launching and… Read more »