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Foodie for a Day // Apple Crisp for One

It’s late in the day for me to post, I know and I’m sorry.  The last 24 hours has been a tail-spin of crazy but thankfully my asthma is back in check, my rescue inhaler is in my purse again and I have a nice mimosa next to me for cocktail hour. I should probably also mention cocktail hour is… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

I’m sitting in bed icing my ankle and listening to the most annoying conversation ever…It’s not by choice. “I don’t really like candy because it’s not that nutritious” “Let’s have men propose to us just so we can throw bachelorette parties and then cancel the wedding” “None of my friends better be pregnant for my bachelorette party…unless they’re willing to… Read more »

Foodie for a Day

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There’s been an addition to my life…. No, not a baby.  (No babies!) No, not a boy.  (They break hearts!) No, not a pet. (They’re too much.) A new almond butter. Yes, I did just build it up but it’s delicious and was totally worth the hype. I’ve heard about Barney Butter for awhile but never actually tried it until… Read more »

I Will Live Through You

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This was one of those weeks that has not only flown by, it’s dragged along.  Did you know that was possible? Here we are on Saturday, which I often have off but I’m at work.  It’s okay but having lost my day off on Wednesday to the migraine that’s owned this week, I kind of feel like I’m playing catch-up. … Read more »

The Trigger

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The lack of post by this point today means 1 thing: I don’t feel well. It’s no longer the cold at this point but a headache on the edge of a migraine.  I’ve been pushing through it all day, pretending it wasn’t there in hopes that with the coffee, water and pain medications it would eventually excuse itself. Not so… Read more »