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How To: Get Over Being Sick Faster

Obviously, I’m not a doctor. Nor am I really in any position to give you medical advice. I work in the music industry and I discover and work with bands. They aren’t one and the same. But….BUT…I’ve been sick twice this season and while that still doesn’t make me any kind of expert, this is less about “do as I say” and more about “this is what worked for me.” Make sense?


I should also clarify, I’m not one for the doctor. At least not those MD types (sorry, Dr Cuz!) but I do see my chiropractor on a regular basis, including when I’m sick. Actually I see them more when I’m sick and I consult with them about what I’m doing/what’s working/what’s not working/what to try next. You should see a doctor – whether you choose for that to be your MD or a wellness-based chiropractor is up to you, but make sure it’s a doctor who you trust and aligns with your vision of health.


With all the business out of the way, let’s move on to my tips….

how to-no sick

1. Allow yourself to be sick – I understand this sounds weird, but by choosing not to take medication when possible, I’m allowing my body to do what it’s supposed. Spike a fever? Great, it’s trying to help flush out those toxins!

2. REST! & sleep! – PLEASE! 

3. Fluids – We hear this all the time so LISTEN. I’m all about lots of water and tea but this time around I also tried Coconut Water and I swear this helped me so much!

4. Supplements – I take Viracid, Vitamin C, and increase my Vitamin D to 50,000 while I’m sick.

5. Chiropractic adjustments – boosts the immune system and helps support drainage. 

6. Listen to your body – not hungry? Don’t eat! When you’re hungry – Eat. (I’ll take Papa Arnold’s homemade tomato soup any day!)


While I know what works for me and my body when I’m not feeling well, it’s also important to mention that we are all different and what works for me may not work for you…that’s what leads us back to my notes above. Talk to your doctor. ;)


What are your tips to get over being sick faster?

Fitness Friday Meets Blog Your Heart Out

Today is Blog Your Heart Out Day.  What does that mean?  It means bloggers are coming together to raise awareness about heart disease – the #1 killer in women.

byhobadge_2013This is an opportunity for us to take a deeper look at our diet, fitness levels and check in with our doctors.


I know when I started eating better, going to the gym more often and really just paying attention to HOW my body was feeling and WHAT it was ASKING for, I felt better.  Even more important, I felt my healthiest.  But even for me, this is a reminder to get my yearly check ups with my doctor or give him a call if anything doesn’t feel right.  This is my health I’m talking about!


Anyway, moving onto this week’s fitness…



I had a great week of workouts.  While Saturday’s race was cold, it was still great and an even better reminder that I need to spend more time running hills and speed training.  I’m not looking for a crazy time on my upcoming 1/2 marathon, but changing up my runs a bit will allow me to stay interested in what I’m doing, while constantly striving to improve myself as a runner.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.08.44 PM

Grab a button & link up your Fitness Friday posts.  Stay motivated, stay inspired, join the community!



How are you working to stay heart healthy?

How were you able to stay active this week?

Hitting the Reset Button

I’m torn today.  Torn between wanting to write about what happened yesterday.  And torn between wanting to write about something totally different.  So I’m going to do both.


So let me just start by sending my thoughts and love out to those affected in yesterday’s shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut.  It’s honestly such a tragedy and I haven’t quite figured out how to express my feelings and extreme concern about the whole thing.  All I can do is send my love – so that’s what I’m doing.


Moving on, I wanted to talk about pressing the reset button today.  Your personal reset button – maybe mentally, physically, or emotionally.


I woke up yesterday morning with a planned 3 mile run + 100 burpee FitMixer workout but as I sat drinking my coffee, checking my email and watching The Today show, any ounce of motivation was leaving my body.  In fact, I felt like I wasn’t even awake (and accused my dad of making decaf coffee!).


I sat around for a bit trying to get the motivation to move.  Hoping maybe a fleeting moment would pass and I’d pop up and get going.  It didn’t happen.  So I came to a compromise with myself, more coffee and a walk outside.  Better yet, coffee while walking – it could keep me warm while getting some movement.

photo-167And so I set out with no real distance in mind, just that I’d start along my usual running route and see where it took me.  I set up my RunKeeper app so I would know how far I went & keep track of time, turned on some tunes and walked.  And walked…and walked…and walked.  Seriously! I ended up covering over 5 miles in an hour and 15 minutes!!


There were moments that I was getting antsy to get home, bored by my usual route, wishing I had worn workout pants so I could run, or basically not being present in the moment.  So I tried to recenter myself, refocus on my goal, and press my reset button.


You see, I’m not perfect.  No one is.  And sometimes we become so demanding of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our days, that we forget to take care of ourselves and give ourselves a break.  Some could say that a 5 mile walk isn’t giving myself a break, but that’s where we’re different because for me it was.  It was a moment for me to clear my head of a lot of crap (sorry but it was just that, crap) and get back on my path.  Or at least back to figuring out what that path is and what steps I should be taking right now.


So today I leave you with this thought:


When was the last time you hit the reset button?


I want to share something with you all today.  Something that I found really cool and interesting.  Hopefully you will too.


You see I was invited to attend an event Thursday night in my home town.  The event was a screening and after-party for a documentary called Doctored.

Have you heard of it?


Regardless, I highly recommend checking it out!  Like most documentaries it can get a bit heavy at times, but I did find it very interesting and overall extremely informative (and not too over-the-top).  If you’re the kind of person who likes to look beyond modern medicine and into more natural or holistic approaches, I especially think you’ll enjoy it.

Premiere Wellness Chiropractic is a local chiropractic clinic in my hometown and one of the doctors, Dr. Tony is featured in the movie.  You see Dr. Tony and Dr. Derrick have a family chiropractic clinic and have done some pretty amazing things.  As it turns out, Dr. Tony worked with a local little boy with autism and saw drastic improvements in his speech after only a few sessions.  Dr. Tony also worked on his son Oliver when he was a new born baby facing some severe conditions.  It was a really miraculous story!


Now here’s the thing – I wasn’t asked to write about this movie.  Did they ask us to share it? Well, yes.  But no one asked me to stand on my perch in the blog-o-sphere and share just how much I enjoyed the movie.  But I wanted to because I truly enjoyed it and it brought a whole new light to chiropractic care that I never even thought about before.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog before, but I have a fairly severe case of scoliosis.  While it wasn’t found during my 7th grade “scoliosis check” in middle school, it was found a few months later when my pediatrician asked me to stand up straight (I was) and noticed my shoulders were at two different heights.  After a few months of X-rays and seeing some specialists, we were able to determine I have a 45* angle in the upper portion of my spine.

Note: Not my spine

The solution? Don’t grow an inch.  So I didn’t.  ;)


While I spent my whole life wanting to be tall, my mother worried I’d hit 6 feet.  I never got my growth spurt but chances are those inches are in the curve and I remain known as the “short daughter” or short one in the family.

I saw a chiropractor once or twice during this time but due to be pretty ticklish, it often felt more like my Dr was poking me for his own amusement rather than my improvement.  Needless to say, I was a skeptic and didn’t go back.


This movie changed my outlook.  It opened up my mind and that’s really all one could ask from it, right?


The ironic part of this story is that I spent most of Thursday with a headache that wouldn’t go away and as the day progressed turned into a migraine.  Once I got home after the event, I took some pain medications and went to bed.  The next morning I was back at work and Dr. Tony came in for some coffee.  He asked what I thought about the movie.  I told him how much I enjoyed it, how interesting I thought it was, and the irony of the whole situation for me.  Dr. Tony told me to make an appointment and assured me we would work to improve my migraines.

So I’m going to give it a shot.  Because why not? Besides my first appointment is free with my ticket stub! Little does Dr. Tony know, I have more improvements to be done besides my migraines… ;)

Do you like documentaries? What are some of your favorites?

Are you a fan of holistic and natural forms of medication/supplementations?