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An Interview With A Health Strategist


In my attempt to reach a greater audience and help more people live their healthier and happiest lives, I’m branching out a bit this year. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to sponsor an episode of The Social Scene podcast and now that it’s available to listen to, I just had to share it! On this episode, JZ… Read more »

My Current Supplement Regimen

current supplement regimen

While I’m a big believer in eating clean, nutritious foods, I also know there’s a time and a place for supplementation. For today’s video, I wanted to share a look into my current supplement regimen – the what I take and why. Current Supplements: Probiotic Triphala Churna Fish Oil Vitamin D B Complex Natural Calm Bonus: Peppermint Oil Do you… Read more »

Let’s Talk: The Thigh Gap

thigh gap 2

Somehow it’s already October 1st and while I can hardly believe it, I’m not going to waste any time, I want to dive right into a pretty serious topic…the thigh gap. We’ve all heard people talk about the thigh gap, it’s a topic that seems to come up in the media over and over again and even now that we’re… Read more »

My BreakUp Letter to Chocolate

Katie   May 14, 2015   Comments Off on My BreakUp Letter to Chocolate

Dear Chocolate, I think it’s time we had a talk. I should start by telling you this is very difficult for me as I do love you so very much… But you see, lately our relationship has been rocky. I eat a little bit and you make me not feel well. It might start out physical but lately it’s also… Read more »

Walking For Fitness

Katie   January 23, 2015   4 Comments on Walking For Fitness

I know things have been a little quieter around these parts this week and while I would have loved to have popped in sooner, it just wasn’t going to happen. Sam was sick this past week so with 50 States events and driving all getting done by me so she could rest, I just didn’t really have time for anything… Read more »

My Goals for 2015

Katie   January 1, 2015   13 Comments on My Goals for 2015

The New Year always brings about desires for change and growth, about improving ourselves to be better than we were the year before. For me this is no different. I strive everyday to be better than I was the day, week before, year before but obviously no one is perfect so I have things that I want to change and… Read more »

Taking Our Health Care Into Consideration

Katie   October 7, 2014   Comments Off on Taking Our Health Care Into Consideration

When you choose to leave your full-time job and pursue a crazy idea, to travel the country for an entire year while raising money for charity, I’m sure you can imagine there’s a lot of things that go into making a decision like that. There’s a lot of research and planning and heart-to-heart conversations with yourself, as well as your… Read more »