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Motivational Monday Sunday

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Work’s going well.  My coworkers are all really nice and I’m enjoying my time getting to know them and making coffee again.  It’s kind of crazy how steaming milk and pulling shots of espresso can be fun and in a way, relaxing.  And honestly, it’s also the extent of my social life lately so it’s no wonder I’m enjoying it…. Read more »

Plank A Day

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Have you heard of the Plank A Day challenge that runs wild on Twitter and the healthy-living community?  Basically the idea is as easy as it’s name: do a plank every day and each day try to last longer than the previous day.  Simple right? It’s something I heard about for a long time and while I often do planks… Read more »

Motivational Thursday

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I had a great trip to Boston and NYC but returning to LA has been one of the hardest things to do.  In fact, this return to LA has probably been the hardest of all returns.  Aside from already being beyond my time table in LA, I’m beginning to pave for my future; I’m beginning to figure out what I… Read more »