Fitness Friday // A Yoga Adventure

Well folks, we made it to Friday you made it to Friday; it’s my Monday. Funny how that works, isn’t it?! ;)

Anyway, I’ve had a pretty amazing week of workouts – a few runs, some strength sessions, some cross training and my yoga goal!

I (finally) decided to try one of the yoga classes at my gym this week.  The times haven’t really been very convenient to my schedule and the ones that were, scared me for being called “Advanced Yoga.”  Well, when it came down to it, I decided to give the advanced class a try.  The description said it was “Hatha yoga” so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad and if it was, I do know how to modify poses to my level and therefore knew I could make it through.

The instructor asked who was new and I raised my hand.  She asked if I was new to yoga or her class and I let her know I was new to her class and yoga at our gym location but not new to yoga.  She gave a little speech about it being an advanced class and modify as we needed.  This was not an Advanced class; I repeat, this was not an advanced class.  For fear of sounding like a yoga snob, maybe this was advanced for “gym yoga” but after my 30 Day Yoga Challenge a couple years ago, this was nothing.  I’m not going to hate on the instructor or the class because I did get a great stretch which my body needed, but I did learn to not be afraid of yoga classes at my gym…

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I’m continuing with my training plan leading to my upcoming 10k and making sure to give my body what it needs, even if that means altering from the plan slightly.  Rest is extremely important but some days my body is craving that rest in a semi-active form like Saturday’s yoga.

My runs have all been pretty rough lately.  I’m not sure if that’s me breaking in my new running shoes, not enough stretching or a possible combination of the two.  I should really get a foam roller so I can do some myofascial release while watching TV after dinner; I just don’t have the patience for it while I’m at the gym (and I’m usually getting kind of hungry).

I can’t wait to see how everyone else’s workouts have gone this week and how you’re staying motivated.  Please don’t forget to spread the word, share and please please please join in the fun!



How were your workouts this week?

Any fitness stories to share?

Fitness Friday

While many of you are probably jumping up and down that today is Friday, I’ll be honest, it’s my Sunday.  Kind of a bummer, huh?  But it’s been a great week and I’m looking forward to the weeks and months ahead of me.  I mean, it’s fall after all, who wouldn’t be happy?

My full run this past week was just under 6 1/2 miles (whew!) and I ran it in my new Lunar Glides which I love! But Monday morning I found myself experiencing a good amount of discomfort and pain in my upper left shoulder / trapezius & spine.  Very similar to the pain I had earlier in the summer that was deemed Costochondritis.  I’m not sure if that’s what this was, even in the early stages but I took a day of rest Tuesday, some ibuprofen and eased back into my workouts.  There’s no need for injury.

And despite the pain, I had a great week of workouts and stuck to what felt good for my body each day.  That’s important to note, whether you’re healthy, sick, injured or anything in between.

I also made sure to keep up with Courtney’s yoga challenge to really stretch out my muscles and prepare them for the next run or workout scheduled.  Flexibility training is just as important.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Anyway, here’s what the week looked like:

I’m really trying to buckle down with the studying which sometimes means taking myself to Starbucks to study so I can get a change of scenery and focus.

 Happy Friday!

Any fun plans for your weekend?

How was your week of workouts?

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Over the summer, I shared a story about when I let fear get in my way; when I let it dictate my actions and potentially sacrifice the relationship with one of my favorite companies.  To this day I think about that day, that event and that brand and wonder if I’m over-thinking, but ultimately how to repair that relationship.

Anyway, this isn’t about that day; it’s about the fear.

And it’s not even about the fear of that day; it’s about the fear I’m facing now and working to overcome these fears so I can make things happen and really live my life.

So what fears am I facing?

-I’m afraid of not passing my NASM CPT test

-I’m afraid of the GRE and potential for grad school

-I’m afraid of success and failure

-I’m afraid of being alone and not getting my fairy-tale

-I’m afraid of what’s next but also of getting stuck

-I’m afraid to make my next move and not moving

-I’m afraid of letting someone down

-I’m afraid of talking too much and not saying enough

Now it’s time to get real

It’s time to buckle down, make a plan, accept what challenges present themselves, appreciate what is given to me, remember that I already made my dreams come true (manage bands) and this is my new dream, let go of what’s holding me back, and embrace what’s to come.

Why let fear get in the way?

Now tell me, when was the last time you overcame you fears (whether big or small)? How did you do it?

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 6

This week has kind of kicked my butt.  Not just physically, but also emotionally so I’m glad it’s coming to an end and I have the next two days off to relax and recharge.  It’s much needed.

And just like that, I’m half-way through Phase 2; half-way through the LiveFit program.  I’m finding it’s definitely getting harder as we’re lifting 6 days out of the week + cardio on 3 means morning workouts aren’t always an option due to the limited time.  Sometimes I wish my gym opened earlier than 5am… (Go ahead, call me crazy!)

I’m continuing to move the days around to accommodate my schedule as needed.  I think allowing myself that flexibility, is making it easier.  I’m definitely feeling these workouts and it feels good!  Before starting this program, I would workout 4, 5, or maybe even 6 days a week with a variety of strength, cardio or yoga exercises.  And while I know it was keeping me in shape, sometimes it was discouraging to not “feel the burn” and therefore feel like my body was in a bit of a rut, but I didn’t know how to get out of it.  This program is allowing me the ability to not think about my workouts, but rather just do them.  And since I’m not planning them, I’m not just repeating myself, they are planning things so that my body stays engaged and avoids those ruts.  (And let me assure you, my legs are in no rut!)

How was your week?

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 5

I got hit with the super cold at the end of last week / early this week.  I woke up Saturday feeling worse than I had any other day and decided I was NOT moving from my bed all day (even if I suddenly felt better).  Thankfully that seemed to work because I woke up Sunday morning feeling a MILLION times better.  And to my delight, it wasn’t one of those “tricks” where you think you’re better but really you’re good for an hour or two before coming to a complete and utter crash.  I made it through the day.  And I still felt good so I hit the gym.  I knew better than to push myself too hard so I picked a workout for later in the week that didn’t require cardio so to save myself a bit of energy.  And I still felt good.

But can I just say HOW good it feels to be introducing cardio back into my workout?  Phase 1 (Live Fit) said to skip the cardio and focus on the strength training.  I broke the “rules” a few times but for the most part, skipped it.  The nice thing was how quickly I could get in and out of the gym and still felt like I got an awesome workout, so now I’m having to give a bit more time by adding the cardio back in.  I don’t mind, but on a few occasions it has meant workouts after work instead of before.  (I hate how many more people are at the gym in the afternoons / evenings so I prefer to workout before they start filling the gym and taking my equipment). ;)

Anyway, it was a good week and Phase 2 has been fun and rather challenging.  Unfortunately, due to being sick I had to add in an additional “rest” day and so I skipped the “Day 30 – Chest, Abs and Cardio.”  I’m going to try and make it up at another point, but for now, I’m moving forward.  (I needed to take today off…)


I went to bed last night (after scheduling this post), with an inkling to wake up and do the Day 30 workout so I set my alarm and told myself that if I still had it when I woke up, I would go but if my body was begging to keep sleeping and rest, I would continue with the rest day.  Well I woke up and wanted to lift, so I did!  I skipped the cardio (due to time constraints) but that’s okay because the strength training was really what I was looking for.

You never regret a workout.


Fitness Friday // Live Fit Phase 1 Recap

Well everyone, I have officially completed Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason 12 Week Live Fit program.  So here in lies the question…Am I seeing results?

Seeing is one thing…feeling is another.  I feel stronger but I’m not sure if I actually look stronger.  And let’s be honest for a moment, taking progress photos of yourself is just plain awkward and not something I’m ready to tackle just yet.

Anyway, I’ve really loved this program so far.  As I’ve mentioned before, I could use more abdominal work but I’ve been adding in a bit on most of my strength days (at least a plank or two).  And I miss my cardio…

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy.  I like cardio.  Well, at least most of the time.  I’ve done a bit but this week I really stuck to the program (at least for the most part).  I want to see the results so I’m trying to stick to it.

I haven’t looked ahead to Phase 2 yet and I’m definitely excited to see what’s in store.

Did you meet all of your fitness goals for the week?

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 3 Recap

I’ve been talking about how I wished there was more abdominal work involved in the Jamie Eason 12 Week Live Fit program.  Well, it just so happened that she addresses that issue at the start of Week 3.  She believes ab definition is mostly diet related and while I do agree to an extent, I eat well (for the most part) but can tell a difference (even if it’s just mentally) how I feel about my mid-section when I at least add planks to my workout.  So I have.  Deal with it.

And despite the fact that that Phase 1 says you don’t need to add any cardio, I have.  I like it.  Deal with it.

Otherwise, I think the program is going really well.  Whether you can physically see any changes in my muscle strength and definition, I can.  That’s what counts.  Deal with it.

I’m looking forward to  seeing this program through and seeing exactly where my strength is at and how I feel about it once this program is finished.  For now, we continue forward.  (Deal with it?)